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Richard Smith January 31, at 9: Is this normal behaviour for a VPN? Na February 13, at 7: I am used to downloading at kb max speed. I August 14, at 9: I have been using it for mmo rpg. Joe Bloggs over here likes to buy abit of old skool handrubbed charas, from the Himalayan foothills, or some head buzzy maroc or leb sativas looking like chocolate cake, and smelling of.

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One more thing I liked about Airvpn is the fact they provide quick support via their forums. I previously was using PIA and their support totally sucked. AirVPN do not log IPs, they simply and correctly mention that a server would need to know your IP address whilst you are connected to it. Incidentally, you can connect to AirVPN using Tor if you wish, they even tell you how and configure their systems to make it work correctly. Have never had issues with Hotspot Shield but do they actually store logs of visited websites?

I have heard they store logs of IP addresses…. Cryptostorm has done this. Not really good for anonymity. Hungary great service, dependable, avg speeds however they have since removed Bitcoin payment was always a PITA to get to work decently anyways was my fav until this. Romania solid service, however their malware and adblocking reeks of network interference and could be a cause for concern, lots of abuse via free service.

Sweden Zero Information needed for signup, avg speeds but tiny server choices and sometimes difficult to connect to any server. Italy good solid service, needs a few more countries added to the list however, seems very privacy oriented, takes a stand against ICANN, Verisign, etc.

Just signed up to test it, however on the receipt after signing up, noticed Corporate headquarters are U. S based service no? Newshosting one of the best Newsreaders out there, now has a VPN as well. They say they keep no logs. Pick a vpn in a big country hostile to your government.

Even if they keep logs they wont cooperate just to fuck with your country. Very useful article, thank you. For example, here vpn test https: They also do not collect when you use their service, or how much data you use. It will just reaffirm my statement. Digital Ocean has a few tutorials on how to do this.

A VM with MB of memory is sufficient. You should take extra precautions to harden the server. You never know if a publicly shared wifi is running a proxy that captures everything that passes by.

Hi i am new to VPN,s people say do not use Google Chrome if you want to stay anonymous on the internet, my question is if you are using a VPN, why would you not be anonymous? Nordvpn has been great. Avoid HMA absolutely worst, tech support is a joke and if a company needs good techs its them cause their programmers put out crappy beta versions as bullet-proof.

It seems unlikely because businesses routinely use VPN for security. According to the Edward Snowden documents, accessing Tor and Tails are more likely to flag you on the intelligence agencies systems. I use an anonymous VPN for general security in the same way people have an alarm on their house.

In terms of anonymous VPN providers, I have tried a few. I have used TorGuard and found the customer service excellent, and altogether a first class service. Yes it is and very trusted. It comes with the Tor install package from the official sites. It allows bridging through Amazon etc. Trusting your life to a no logs VPN service it is like gambling with your life in the Russian roulette.

But i tend to stick to servers closer to home, when downloading torrents. There is no free trial, you put up, or shut up. Joe Bloggs over here likes to buy abit of old skool handrubbed charas, from the Himalayan foothills, or some head buzzy maroc or leb sativas looking like chocolate cake, and smelling of. My love is for the people that actually do many of these things, outta sheer will to spread the love.

I learnt that on the old weed forums. I was growing bck in the s for 8yrs, had 2 4. And a variety of smaller veg areas, and propergation areas. It took me so long to build up all that equipment, that when my ex missus grassed me up after i left her, i not only lost 1 of the flower tents, ripened like a plant only something like the pyschodiesel cutting could, FFA 1 of my all time top puffs, C.

Gold x Lowryder, Seni NL 5. The proper deal, i was lucky enough to score a Q of when i was back swapping cuttings and seeds, learning tricks and tips on how to dial in a grow, then give each plant a seperate feeding schedule because some would eat the flies off shit. They had me bang to rights. I used the top of the range rhino filters, accoustic ducting. You want those sides sucking in a little, so you know there are no leaks.

And remember, yahoo, biung, google. Yahoo are fukiun bitch fraggle grassing cunts, and all the big social media shit is. They dont want you to have any control. They dnt wnt you have cryptocurrency because they cant manipulate and corrupt for profit this currency. My final alltime smojke is the cali orange bud cut i had sent from a guy on one of them forums. So the forums are where the real security is at, especially with a vpn and pgp added ontop.

Now which way are they? Regardless of what the companies say, if enough resources are thrown at the problem and the law comes looking for you, they can find you. It takes only one slip and VPN is merely a small piece of the puzzle. Pick a VPN provider with a good reputation and with servers which they own themselves.

Access ONLY those servers. The darker you go, the harder the going gets, mostly in terms of your own usage comfort. What do you guys think of PureVPN? Thats what ive been using for almost 2 years and works great but i just want to make sure its not logging any info. What I knew is that it really lags. I only had it for three months including a free trial. My experience was not great so I switched to Astrill. I tried their free trial first and it works fine so I decided to get their service and it is okay.

Hotspot Shield is a pretty lame choice. They have been around for years now and I can pretty rely on them. Me and my friends are using Astrill works like a charm. And I agree with you about this article. VPN services are nothing compared to a multi-billion facility. Should the client-side do something sketchy, then something like structured analysis would occur and problems occur. Everyone this is computer science knowledge. This whole anonymous VPN aspect is basically the black market.

So you go to the black market to buy that one item…however the government is aware of this black market and if they want to investigate you- they are going to find you. I would say that their encryptions are fairly formidable and safe for everyone to use, so the paid services are good for private chats or something innocent. If you want to have private chats or restricted websites that are blocked like facebook or youtube, then go for it.

I mean if you think about it everyone is using vpn and no one will be constantly looking at your computer or tcp gonna be tracked.. But their encryption is legit so use it! A no-logs policy would mean data would not be there when the authorities come to collect it. After reading all the comments and queries, i have came to a decision that we all must use VPN for our own safety. Previously the security thread was the hackers and dark web users.

But now the government is interested in tracking us. Not only the US but also Australian government. I am using ivacy vpn for 11 months. It your financial and personal security in the end and you are responsible for it. Make a wise decision by choosing the write VPN. PS i you find some thing cheap plz let me know..

Have tunnel bear aswel buT data ran out. Well everyone here if you answer it would be greatly appreciated. I no how to be anonymous on my computer but not on my phone. It does not matter. Use a mixture of protocols, methods and from several providers. Use anonymous payments where possible. You can make it VERY hard to be tracked. All traffic from all customers is routed through that. If it is caught, multiple datasets from multiple IPs and you cant make heads or tails of where exactly it came from.

Use cascaded servers if you want to be more secure and preferably from different operators or via different multiple accounts. Use anonymous proxies aswell before hitting TOR. Remember your operating environment.

Prevent all the logging on Windows, page files etc etc. So long as your not a real slime, nothing too much to worry about. Most of us wont need all this security. A modest setup would suffice. But yes you can really beef it up. Even multiple virtual windows, more vpn accounts. End of the day, you could have say 20 VPN connections all at once from 5 providers. This all being run on both normal and virtual environments. SSH also used at both. Proxys used to connect into TOR. Becomes so difficult to be monitored effectively.

I have used PureVPN for a while, and there was huge problem with some servers Hungary and Germany that was to slowe or even offline. Have changed to residentialinternetaccess. Thay have more exit nodes and are not blacklisted as VPN provider on gambling sites. F-secure Freedom, buy from shop with cash, no need to register. F-secure Safe to use on your computer, there should be no backdoor. I would chosoe protonvpn over all of those mentioned above. I believe everything swiss based is better, and i have great experience with them… also their email service is awesome ;.

There are so many new providers in the game and the older ones have updated many things or made fatal mistakes that placed them at the bottom by now.

I use it for couple of weeks new. Cannot really complain about it. In general I am quite happy about it. Speeds are quite stable, as still not many people are using it. Plus you can connect it to unlimited number of devices, so all my devices are secure now ; If someone is interested to try my good buddy shared discount code with me: Hopefully you gonna like it.

You can try Surf Shark. They are quite new so the speed is quite decent. Your email address will not be published. But not all VPN services are created equal. To be considered as a privacy focused VPN provider the service must have the following qualifications: Does NOT log any information that could be used to identify the user. Requires minimal personal information to sign up.

Choosing a VPN service, and which country it is based in, is up to you, but we do not want to discourage people from supporting small businesses in the US based on hearsay Anyone concerned with their privacy for any reason should consider one of the following VPN services. You might also like. Shillster July 8, at David August 17, at 7: Bob April 14, at 4: Mike September 30, at 6: Brnadon Markley September 10, at 4: I use Hong Kong based Ivacy, it also does not keep logs.

Kill3rGh0st Modz February 23, at 8: Brad Gill July 14, at 2: August 22, at 1: Anon September 8, at 8: Joh Doe September 14, at 8: Purchase a vserver linked to your credentials. Johnny Ego August 11, at 3: Anonymous December 15, at 7: Anonymous December 22, at 1: Concerned January 22, at 7: Carl January 26, at 9: Brian M Lancaster September 8, at 3: Anthony Carter April 4, at The Catalyst May 7, at 2: I quit reading at n00bs.

Al January 30, at 6: Bonnet September 7, at 4: Willhelm July 8, at 1: No logs… no evidence. Lee Ross February 23, at 5: TorGuard is rock solid, never had any issues. Not gonna do it March 3, at Jim Losetto March 8, at 7: T April 21, at 7: Reaper December 7, at 8: Shillster, got a link to info about the Canadian law changes? Interested to read about it. Andreea July 9, at 1: Hey guys, just wanted to draw your attention that Cyberghost has implement Bitcoin payments, so cryptocurrency payments are available ;.

DeepDotWeb July 9, at 4: Andreea July 10, at 6: Thanks again for the kind words regarding CyberGhost! Wompus October 4, at 9: Cyberghost is a great VPN. Love that you have implemented Bitcoin payment! DeepDotWeb July 10, at 6: Jagd January 30, at 5: Luc July 24, at 5: L James May 20, at 3: Lemur July 8, at Glad you liked the VPN lists!

Thanks for the comment. Brainbuster January 23, at 8: CaptainKidd September 23, at 4: In fact, the best thing to do is two different VPN in two different jurisdictions, with Tor between them: Johnny Ego August 11, at 4: And yours is even more thorough.

Any good free VPNs? Vali January 17, at Ernest February 18, at Stu February 24, at Punk Monday July 9, at 6: Willhelm July 9, at Lemur July 10, at 5: Willhelm July 11, at 8: Josh July 16, at 9: David Linus July 11, at 2: Some shitvpns i had the misfortune of dealing with, blackvpn earthvpn purevpn incompetent barely working service, asshole support staff.

RV December 17, at Jerry Larson January 25, at 3: Timah July 16, at 5: Smith July 17, at 9: Jack July 24, at 1: Bobby July 18, at 1: Excerpt from the AirVPN privacy policy: Bobby July 23, at 5: Incognito July 26, at 3: Ernest February 19, at 7: They all keep logs.

Petraeus they are responsible since its their ip. Jason July 27, at TorGuard is double-edged sword. Dale Gribble August 4, at 7: BTCGuy August 9, at 9: Suicide Sheep August 10, at 6: Anon4Lyf January 7, at 8: Someone January 13, at 5: ViziTor August 20, at 3: Sensor October 10, at Vae December 18, at 1: Vae January 23, at 1: Hope you continue having good luck with them. Alex March 14, at Vae December 18, at 6: Mike Wilkerson September 14, at 8: Biff December 28, at 6: Why is airvpn still on the list of VPN providers that log then?

Alien-James September 22, at 1: Panic Moon April 2, at 3: You can add Toonux. Cat in the Hack October 12, at Surely the MAC address or something must be logged somewhere? Can we get clarification on this point please? Kalkada October 13, at 2: Hi, IPVanish has just come to my notice. Appears to be a free service.

Any comments about it? Gary December 2, at Alain Litha April 12, at 4: M00t June 14, at 1: Jimmy June 12, at 9: Maria July 16, at 9: Bob October 16, at 8: B October 19, at 9: Maria June 9, at 4: Emma Robert January 21, at Markus October 20, at 4: Dave Taylor October 30, at DJ Dan October 30, at Vae December 18, at Review November 8, at 2: I recommend Private Internet Access, great reviews and super fast: Tom November 27, at 8: Did you find a better solution?

I am eagerly looking as well for a new VPN provider…. Steve November 8, at So to me, your problems are chicken feed LOL. Thanks for the article. Phx November 27, at 8: Vae December 18, at 3: VioX November 27, at Hope someone can relay good or bad feedback. January 26, at 8: Alex February 2, at 1: Why such articles never mentions Hideninja VPN?

Jimmy Joe February 5, at 5: Donald February 11, at 1: CM September 5, at 9: THAT is amazingly important advice that I never heard before. Iam February 13, at Robert March 10, at 8: FYI March 13, at 4: I3oHicA April 7, at OH… Sorry an I seen a recently posted comment.

I can an do USE it from my Iphone. Anonymous April 14, at 3: Dave April 15, at What about Netshade for mac. PeterS April 21, at 1: Lyle April 27, at 4: Bear June 14, at 2: Feel free to believe what you want. LateralVanguard December 14, at 9: Andresh May 18, at 5: FRIM May 18, at 9: My picks are mullvad and airvpn, along with cryptostorm.

Do you have any experience with them? Someone May 19, at Should i use one caz i haven,t all this time,seems to be ok thou i,m only a small peronal buyer. Needless to say that using my current VPN account with my current provider works seamlessly. PeterS June 16, at 3: NAME August 14, at 2: Justin MichealJustin3 June 17, at Stan June 18, at 4: Sally Croft June 22, at Very much reliable VPN service.

Been with them for 5 years. Crowley July 3, at 6: Daniel Simmons July 20, at 9: CKP August 15, at 4: Jim August 19, at 3: Trent September 15, at 4: The copyright holder will then see that range A. Ali September 20, at 8: Fery September 26, at 6: J October 4, at 9: Redemption November 2, at Mateo November 10, at 9: Hi, Can someone tell me please why you recommend VPN for safety when nsa can crack?

Sorry for my bad English. VPNTunnel November 16, at Is VPNTunnel any good? Kerry December 8, at 6: I love this TOR thing. December 11, at 6: Gg December 22, at 3: Also had isssues with expressvpn with slow downloads. Paul December 24, at 4: Hey, Has anyone used SurfEasy before. Ziad Rida January 8, at 6: Glouthfri February 14, at 9: We may collect and disclose personal information, including your usage data, to governmental authorities or agencies, including law enforcement agencies, at their request or pursuant to a court order, subpoena or other legal process, if there is a good faith belief that such collection or disclosure is required by law Basically they do not have any real privacy, just on a surface.

Phil April 19, at Hunk MaCoi December 24, at 7: Nothing to worry about right? D December 30, at 9: Joe December 27, at Ibwiseguy February 24, at 7: Pissedofwiththisvpn February 5, at 7: Anon February 25, at 7: Actually, AirVPN do not require a valid email address.

Anno March 1, at Bhavinder Rao March 1, at 6: Arex March 23, at Sal December 20, at Tony March 30, at 2: KingRasta September 21, at 6: Jax Teller April 10, at 4: My Take on the Several I have tried: Hungary great service, dependable, avg speeds however they have since removed Bitcoin payment was always a PITA to get to work decently anyways was my fav until this VPN.

Romania Slow speeds except on U. S West Coast Server Cyberghost: Romania solid service, however their malware and adblocking reeks of network interference and could be a cause for concern, lots of abuse via free service Mullvad: Sweden Zero Information needed for signup, avg speeds but tiny server choices and sometimes difficult to connect to any server AirVPN: Italy good solid service, needs a few more countries added to the list however, seems very privacy oriented, takes a stand against ICANN, Verisign, etc Proxy.

YoussefSh May 29, at Edwardo June 14, at Any review on that VPN service? Use a prepaid lte dongle to connect. Alice Simone July 1, at John Smith September 6, at Lee September 30, at 6: Spiggs October 9, at Hilda November 10, at Peter November 27, at 6: BennyLamarcha December 7, at 6: LateralVanguard December 14, at 8: Xenophon December 24, at Mike January 21, at Adam January 26, at 3: Carol Madsen March 6, at 4: Riza Dangsil March 27, at 6: William April 20, at 3: Ibin Yerkinoff March 16, at 7: Bradley March 25, at 4: Aleks April 11, at Sr-Willian April 26, at 4: Paul May 1, at Betternet User May 21, at 4: Amanda May 24, at I am on my first 2 weeks i bought a 3 month sub to test run Astrill and it was working flawless.

The baker June 21, at 7: A clever Golly-Wog June 26, at 1: James Mccreary IV July 17, at 1: Norton September 25, at 3: Foggetabouit October 14, at 4: Kumpulan Remaja December 7, at 1: Peter Boldt June 14, at 4: CashCard September 18, 3 Comments. Sam Jona September 17, 4 Comments. Kofi Anash September 17, Leave a comment. Aliens September 17, Leave a comment.

Anonymous September 16, Leave a comment. Aliens September 16, 5 Comments. CashCard September 15, Leave a comment. Aliens September 15, 1 Comment. Aliens September 14, Leave a comment. Aliens September 14, 7 Comments. Aliens September 17, Leave a comment A federal judge in New York, following a motion to suppress evidence filed by the Aliens September 16, 5 Comments In late August, a judge in Germany sentenced a year-old man from Enschede to three

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14 rows · For this reason we are introducing DeepDotWeb’s very own section on the Best VPN Service Providers so you can finally have some unbiased information to help you decide what is the best VPN for you to have . Hotspot Shield VPN Accused of Selling Customer Data to Advertisers August 25, Social Networking & The Blockchain Technology – A Brand New Era December 16, Amber Rudd Launches Government Crackdown on Dark web April 25, Home» Articles» Is your VPN Legit or Shit? Is your VPN Legit or Shit? Posted by: iBurnEZ July 8, in Articles, Featured Comments. >>>Click for DeepDotWeb’s Chart of Best VPN servicesVPN provides a secure connection between your computer and the VPN servers. All communications between your computer and the VPN.