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This is a great program and the characters are fantastic. Started watching several years ago but my cable provider dropped the show at season 4. Heartland is a great show. My 13 year old daughter and I absolutely love it! Please please love love heartland..

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When Will Heartland Season 8, 9 and 10 Be on Netflix?

I am a huge fan of Heartland. I love the actors, story lines and overall feel for the show. I just finished Season 7 and can not wait for Season 8 to be available. I wish the show itself was available to watch in the United States. Love that Netflix gave us the option to learn about this show. Eagerly awaiting Season 8. Absolutely love it, no violence, no obscene language, no explicit sex, no political agenda. Hi, i wonder if Heartland season 9 is on Netflix now or where it can be watched in high quality please.

Was told about Heartland by a friend and started watching it. Enjoyed it very much and ended up watching all seven seasons in two weeks time. It is a very family oriented show and is viewable by all age groups. I am eagerly awaiting the airing of the season 8, 9, and 10 shows as soon as possible and your budget allows.

Have to find season 8 somewhere today! Hope Netflix can negotiate heartland season 8,9, and 10 soon. I have absolutely enjoyed these sat 7 seasons and am ready for the next to come out.

We need more of these kind of shows out. At my age we are growing our own families and it is nice to sit down after the little ones go to slee and relax with a heart warming show. Lease bring out the next seasons sooner than later. I enjoyed watching Heartland season My family loves this show. It is so inspirational. We just finished the last episode of season 7. Now the withdrawal starts! I am 77 years old and my wife is 76 years old and we have watched seasons since we got married on Feb 29 Hopefully it will be soon or I will buy it on E-Bay.

This is my favorite t. One of my favorites, hardly worth subscribing to Netflix if I have to pay elsewhere Faith and Family to get it. I think it took me maybe 2 weeks to watch all 7 seasons. Omg I love this show. I had never heard of it but it was advertised during a comment of Longmire. Since we have been trying to get confirmation for season 6 for the filming of Longmire. Good family shows are hard to come by.

I am definitely looking forward to seeing both shows and will continue to promote Heartland and Longmire. Watched the first 7 seasons in about 3 weeks….

Really good show…fully fleshed out characters…beautiful scenery, and horses…. Can hardly wait for seasons 8,9, and 10 of Heartland! We absolutely love this show. We watch several episodes at a time and can hardly wait for the next day so we can watch more. Please hurry and start them……. I really loved watching Heartland shows. It is very good family show. I absolutely am amazed by the actors and the program.

This is a show that has so many lessons for old and young alike. My husband and I love this show and I love the horses!! I will start having withdrawals symptoms from missing it!!!

Wish this was my life growing up on a horse ranch!!!.. I grew up on a farm but we grew corn and beans. Not as much fun…. Heartland is a great show, I would so appreciate being able to watch it on Netflix. Netflux is great and I hope they find value in bringing Heartland to their viewers. Found Heartland and watched all 7 seasons. Waiting impatiently for seasons 8, 9 and When will it be on netflix???? My husband and I love Heartland!

And then the next season and next….. I have fallen in love with this series and the characters i can not wait for 8 9 and 10 to come on netflix!!!! I can not wait until season are on Netflix this is my therapy show from the stress of life haha. So into this show feel lost not being able to watch it? Hope it happens asap! This was my favorite show and I miss watching it.

I really wanna see seasons 8 , 9 , and I just got done watching seasons and they where some inspiration to be honest. Hope to see them soon. Please put Heartland 8, 9, and 10 on Netflix asap! We need more shows like this to watch Love the show. Definitely want seasons 8, 9 and 10 of Heartland on Netflix as soon as possible please! I use Netflix as a primary source for my tv viewing and I love Heartland! Please steam the new seasons.

Please bring seasons 8, 9, 10 of Heartland to Netflix. This is an awesome series. We finished watching series 7 tonight. Am from Oklahoma and wish they had rhis here. I have watched season 1 throw 7 two times now. I tried watching orhers shows but decided to watch it all over again.

So yes please i cant wait till the other seaons show up. Heartland is my new guilty pleasure! Hurry up Netflix with seasons I read the Heartland book series as a kid and to see it in a TV show and portrayed incredibly well is amazing!!!!! I love horses so much ever since I was little and I want everything this show and book series shows us!!!

The bond people have between animals, overcoming fears, falling in love, success, tragedies, rising above and never giving up, and the tight knit family bond. Wish the story would never stop!!! Amy left and season 8 is not out.

What am I going to do? I miss the family already. All I want for Christmas are seasons We just finished Heartland Season 8 and are deeply disappointed in Netflix for making loyal fans wait for Seasons 8, 9, and Next to PBS, this program rates with the best. I am sooooooo excited! I cried when it was the end. Not just because the way it ended, but because I was sad it was over!? Please add seasons ASAP.

Have sooo enjoyed the first 7 seasons. This is the best clean, heartfelt show We have watched ever been married 49 years. I am new to Heartland and adore it! Sorry to hear that money is the cause of the delay! Truly an amazing show. My whole family watches this show and we all love it.

I like how this is a very wholesome show. I sure hope it is soon. Our Family is addicted to this show. My husband found Heartland on Netflix a couple of weeks ago. Since then, he and I have watched seasons 1 through 7!

This is one of the best TV shows we have seen in many years. We are eagerly waiting for Seasons 8, 9, and 10! I am so ready for season 8, 9, and 10 of heartland to come on netflix i been ready since the last season i watch i love this show and i will always love it. Its a good show to watch. This is a great show and the vistas that they show on TV is just beautiful! Enjoyed every minute of these shows. Heartland has become one of my favorites. Season 8 is available on Amazon with the faith and family subsciption.

Watched seasons 1 — 7 on Netflix. Hope to see seasons 8 — 10 soon!!! We loved watching heartland!!!! My boyfriend was so upset when it was the end of season 7 please tell Netflix to hurry up an put up there!! I absolutely love Heartland. Please get seasons of Heartland soon. My 13 year old daughter and I absolutely love it! We watch it together everyday. My boyfriend and I ate addicted to heartland! First time a show revolving around life on a horse ranch is well written with the perfect actors fitting perfectly in their roles.

And did I mention hoe georgious the horses are??? I recently began watching Heartland and fell totally in love with the story line and the characters. I have watched continuously and now have finished Season 7.

I hated that there are no more episodes to watch. I cannot wait for Netflix to acquire Seasons This is a great program and the characters are fantastic. I am obsessed with Heartland.

Whenever I find a good show on netflix I have to watch it all fast lol.. Just cuz I am intrigued and want to know what happens.. So siked to be able to watch season sooooonnn and love that its on Netflix. Would love to get caught up on the show with seasons I even thought Hulu would have at least the most recent aired episodes but no luck! Best show in ages.

Clean, no explicate sex ,cursing or politics. Great writing and acting. I love the show and have watched all 7 seasons on Netflix. Please get 8, 9 and 10 seasons added asap.

Please hurry and get season 8,9,10 of Heartland on Netflix. We are finishing 7 now. We watch 3 or 4 a night sometimes. I need to know what happens next. I hated the way 7 ended and must know.

Please hurry netflix I need 8, 9, and Heartland is my favorite, and last night saw last episode again, and so anxious to get 8, 9 and Hope you push Netflix to put them on asap. Thank you for bringing such a great show. The only one I commit to watch each one. My daughter and I enjoy watching Heartland together. It is such a wonderful show and we would be heartbroken if seasons were not aired on Netflix.

Please hurry up and add those seasons as we are just starting season 6 and are actually rationing the episodes we watch. Loved the wedding in the last episode. Please make it possible ASAP! Santa make this happen!!!!! Please Please start showing these seasons. My husband and I have been watching Heartland and have enjoyed it very much.

My twin grandchildren age 7 have fallen in love with it also. Love this show, One of the best shows on Netflix. A good clean family show. My wife and I are so thrilled to watch this show, we absolutely love it!

Please try to get the last few seasons on netflix asap! Please keep up the good work. I have never seen a show where I love everyone in it. Heartland is the best series I have ever seen. The characters and actors playing them are amazing. I miss the show so much. Please bring back heartland soon. My whole family loves it. The characters and horses are awesome!

Please let me know. My husband and I became hooked on this show last summer. It was our Sunday indulgence to binge watch Heartland until we had watched all 7 seasons. Can;t wait for it too come back! Heartland has capture my family heart and praying and waiting eagerly for 8 through 10 seasons to be added.

One can see with all comments and replies that it would be worth the expense. Please bring it back! I have nothing else to watch because I am addicted to this show. I am 11 and I am too old for shows on Disney Channel! I love Heartland and I have learned a lot from them with my horse riding. This is the only show I want to watch. We just finished season 7 and yes yes yes… please bring on the rest of the seasons!! Cannot wait to continue…. I just watched seasons and wish there were more to watch!

Several people have ask when will Heartland 8,9 and 10 be on Netflix? Can you answer that question? My daughter and I just binge watched seasons and we are so sad there are no more episodes. Please add more seasons as soon as possible. I broke my leg back in May and my daughter hooked me up with netflix. It was then that I discovered Heartland. I watched the first six seasons and keep watching them over and over again.

I keep checking back and was overjoyed to see season 7. Now I am anxiously awaiting seasons 8, 9, and I just finished watching season 8 on Amazon Excellent!!!!! Was very surprised at the episodes…. Love the show Only show I have seen that was worth watching no trash….

The show makes me feel likepart of the family I love the senary Never been to Canada so it like visiting without jet lag I also love horses and am amazed at the professionism of the actors Waiting and watching for next season Thanks nexflix for GOOD clean entertainment. Thanks for telling me that Hulu has more complete seasons of Heartland. I will cancel my netflix and subscribe to hulu. I absolutely love this show and I am going to be determined to finish it season 1 — as many as they make.

Hopefully there is a lot. I love them all. Takes me back to watching Bonanza on Sunday nights as a family. Need those times to return. Need season 8,9,10 as soon as possible. A prime only membership i can see Heartland season 1 thru 3 as of Dec. I do not recall how long the trial is but it is at least one week. To cancel the trial you go into your Amazon prime account and find the subscription and cancel it.

It is a great family show. I heard season 8 will be on Netflix in April Not sure about season yet. Amy and Ty get pregnant! I am very much looking forward to being able to see seasons, 8,9, and I will be checking Netflix frequently to see when these will bse available.

I will be very interested to be able to see seasons 8,9,10, and will frequently check Netflix to see when they will be available. They have you hooked in on the first 7 seasons then they pull the rug out from under you.

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