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You can review our privacy policy for additional information. While there is no official method on iPhone for hiding apps, smart users across the web have figured out a couple different ways to hide apps on their iPhone. If you have more spare apps, you may even want to fill the first two or three pages with apps. Click your iPhone's button in the upper right. View the discussion thread. Image courtesy of Apple. Yes that will seem to be the proper action, but I need him to have it, because I love my child and need to have someway of communication, because my job hours, so that been said, still need a solution were the taking away he's iPhone is out of the picture, I need a technical solution.

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How to completely hide any app or folder on your iPhone or iPad

You cannot delete native apps from your device. Go to "Settings" on your Home screen, then "General," then "Restrictions. Press the Home button to return to your Home screen; the native apps you have restricted will no longer appear. Launch iTunes on your computer and then connect your iPhone to it. Click your iPhone's button in the upper right. Click the "Apps" tab, then check the "Sync Apps" box if it appears.

Click on "Sync" in the lower right-hand corner to back up your iPhone applications. Delete the apps you've been wanting to hide directly from your iPhone.

To restore them, use iTunes to place a check mark in the box by each app's name in the "Apps" tab. Click "Apply" and then "Sync" to reinstall the app on your iPhone. How to Hide iPhone Apps. Share Share on Facebook. You can hide an app on the iPhone using several simple techniques. Of course if you have hidden an app from the App Store in iOS, you may wish to unhide the app sometime down the road so that you can access and download it again via the App Store on iPhone or iPad again.

Here is how you can do that. Here is how you can unhide an app from the iOS App Store so that you can download and access it again on iPhone or iPad:. The ability to both hide and unhide apps from the App Store of iOS has been around for quite some time, but like many other features of iOS they have evolved over the years and the process is now a little bit different now then it was from before with earlier versions of the iOS software for iPhone and iPad.

Both hiding and unhiding apps that have been downloaded for free or purchased can be very useful for many reasons. Administrators and those who manage public iOS devices also can have obvious use cases with this feature. And similarly, the ability to unhide apps that have been downloaded or purchased form the iOS App Store is equally important, just in case you need to access those apps again for whatever reason.

Do you know of another method of hiding and unhiding apps from the App Store of iOS? Did this tutorial help you?

Let us know your experiences and comments below! Now you need to create a folder with the apps we wish to hide. We'll call this folder "Folder 1" for simplicity. In this example I'll be hiding the Facebook and Starbucks apps, but you can do this with absolutely any app on your phone that can be placed in a folder, including those pesky stock apps that refuse to be deleted.

Next you need to nest Folder 1 within another folder, which we'll call "Folder 2. Once you have Folder 1 nested, you must remove the apps you placed in Folder 2, leaving just Folder 1 within Folder 2. You should now have what appears to be a blank folder on your home screen. You should now have one open space on your Home screen, but we need to fill that, so drag any random app you have into that spot.

Now, go into Folder 2 and highlight Folder 1 so you can move it. Drag Folder 1 out of Folder 2 and down into the dock area. This will cause Folder 2 to disappear after a second, and as soon as it does, release Folder 1 in the dock.

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How to Hide Apps on iPhone (& How to Find Them Later on) By Conner Carey updated on 07/25/ It doesn’t matter if you want to hide apps on an iPhone 8 or X or an iPhone 5—you can hide apps from your iPhone or iPad Home screen regardless of what device you have, so long as it’s running iOS 10 or later. Users have been trying . Mar 26,  · How to completely hide any app or folder on your iPhone or iPad. Mike Wehner, YouTuber Videosdebarraquito uses a similar trick to hide stock apps using the Newsstand on the iPhone 4/4s, but. If there is a Find My iPhone app (on homescreen), then you can delete it. You don't need it to track your iPhone. But the problem is, you can't hide the Find My iPhone .