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Swift Tutorial – Developing iOS Apps Part 1
It helps me produce better tutorials, faster. If you have any idea about iOS emulator for windows then let us know, otherwise your comment also irrelevant. The power and simplicity of Apple Maps is available on your dashboard. We regularly come across websites and videos on YouTube that claims that they have a tool to jailbreak iOS Drag that folder into the Assets. Tapping such a seb s:


Developing iOS Apps Using Swift Tutorial Part 2

Usually the other browser or operating system asks to confirm opening the link in SEB, see the picture below. When the correct password is entered, SEB decrypts the Config File and is reconfigured temporary using the settings contained in the Config File. As the Config File has a quit password set, SEB now tries to start a single app mode also called kiosk mode or lock down mode.

In this case the iPad isn't owned and managed supervised by an organisation, it's owned by the student. If starting the Single App Mode is confirmed, then the exam is loaded.

When the Single App Mode is started, students cannot switch to other apps and can't access the notification and control center. After completing and submitting the exam in this case a Moodle quiz , a feedback page is displayed. On this page the exam administrator placed a hyperlink "Unlock Device".

This will work with most web-based assessment solutions. Below you can see an example of such an exam portal page the actual page is available at http: You can wait until all students have the password prompt on their screen and communicate the password then. We get that question asked a lot. In this article, we will go through the top reasons to jailbreak iOS In this tutorial, we will provide step-by-step instructions to jailbreak iOS We take a look at the best free iOS Coolstar released the much anticipated Electra Jailbreak for iOS Coolstar has finally released the much anticipated Electra Jailbreak tool to jailbreak iOS Electra jailbreak for iOS We are delighted to inform you that coolstar has released the much-awaited update for Electra Jailbreak tool to jailbreak iOS Sign up for our iPhoneHacks Daily newsletter to get the top Apple news stories delivered to your inbox.

Designed by Blog Consulting. Jailbreak iOS 11 — iOS How to Jailbreak iOS Find our latest iOS You should note that there are two projects: Any Objective-C library, project or class can be used in a Swift project by setting up a bridging header. Technically speaking, such bridge will translate header files from Objective-C to Swift.

Now we are ready to dive into the implementation of our demo app. The very first thing you have to do is configure your Stripe API key. For now, we will use just the test keys so you can test our transactions without using a real credit card. Here we configure Stripe with our test publishable API key. Note that you have to change it to yours.

Later when you roll out your app to production, you can update the publishable key to a live one. Stripe suggests three ways to collect the payment information:. Stripe requires us to collect at least the card number and expiration date. But I also recommend to secure CVC in order to prevent fraudulent transactions and gain a trust from users. The other thing you may want to obtain is email address, so you can keep a record of the person who makes the donation for later communication.

All the text fields are associated with the corresponding outlets in the ViewController. When the user taps the Donate button, this action method will be triggered.

We first initialize a STPCard object and assemble the data into it. The STPCard class comes with very handy method called validateCardReturningError that saves us from implementing our own validation logic. The class sends the collected card info to its server, and return an error if the card information is invalid. Stripe will return you a token if the request is successful. Stripe only gives you an one-time token. In case it fails to retrieve the token, the app will simply display an error to the user.

Insert the following method in the ViewController class:. It only generates you a token. Your app will then pass this token to your backend to follow up with the actual charging.

To create our backend, we will use PHP as the primary language and make use of the library provided by Stripe. Just go ahead and follow the steps as described, and you will be able to configure the required backend for processing the Stripe payment. Next, download this zipped file and unzip it. As we are hosting our backend locally, the URL is set to http:

Step I: Create a new Azure mobile app backend

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Apple announced at WWDC a major change to the way iOS apps are developed, it can now be done using a new programming language called Swift. In my efforts to adapt and learn the language’s common patterns and best practices, I will be posting regularly as I step through the learning process. Part 2 in my series of instructional guides to developing iOS apps using the all new Swift programming language. In this tutorial we will talk about Stripe integration. If you are planning to sell products in your iOS apps and searching for a payment solution, Stripe .