The Story Behind a DNS Legend

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What is DNS and How is it Useful for a Network?
They, of course, couldn't remember the IP address to Yahoo, and Google wasn't up to any real degree at that point, so what was a simple IP address that everyone could remember that would be up and work reliably and consistently? It will always work if your connection to the general Internet works. Because of this, using the IP address is not always the best way to get to a website. I tend to use google. At one point in it's history, when I was trying to figure out what it was, 4. I don't know if it ever made RFC status, but it's a widely known and implemented draft, for sure.

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What exactly is DNS? what is it used for?

You can use some sites like http: Because of this, using the IP address is not always the best way to get to a website. Exactly how do I use this thing? What is the use of DNS system? I often hear the word "Hater" used to describe other people. What exactly is a Hater? What is the use of DNS? My access tofacebook is temp. Why is Jack Dorsey or the admins of Twitter not concerned that there may be a potential child predator on Twitter?

Can I get in trouble for using my neighbors wifi? Can my parents spy on my internet history? When I "turn off WiFi" on my iphone by sliding up it just makes it so im not connected to the same wifi anymore, but keeps wifi on.? I live in a dorm and cannot use the university s wifi for gaming. Supposedly, they are officially discouraging people from using these DNS servers, as they are under no obligation to provide this service and can theoretically discontinue them at any time whereas Google provides their DNS servers expressly for public use.

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. If Google provides public DNS 8. Rudolph 1, 2 20 Makes me wonder why 1.

Bigbio 3, 1 17 At each location, you can either have the same information or different information. In these cases, the data is identical except for the CHAOS record, which is used to identify which one responded.

DNS itself has no knowledge of Anycast. It's just a "normal" IP address. The Anycast portion is only important in routing. In this case the records do differ based on who asks, and the purpose is to cut latency to the actual target server. Akamai is a good example: Another is to use anycast IP routing to route you to the closest DNS server itself, which cuts the latency of the lookup itself. But using your own resolver with root hints should get you proper results for CDNs.

They maintain customizations that allow for the restoration of the loss of functionality caused by using a third-party server instead of running a full local resolver. If you run a local resolver then you don't have the problem they're solving in the first place. Geographic DNS resolution was designed to work for this use case first. You won't get anycasted regional DNS resolution like this, which effectively breaks the benefits of many anycasted DNS ranges. You're completely off-base here.

Just use the root hints on your DNS servers. Your own servers are recursing and caching arguably with better performance as they are closer to the clients which are querying.

Interesting trick for home users maybe, but there's no chance I'm going to use some anonymous person's DNS servers for an enterprise network. Best case scenario they randomly go down one day, worst case scenario they suddenly start redirecting to malware or porn.

Seriously - there's no business address or even a creator's name on that site. Nothing about that site is trustworthy - could easily be a long-con prank to gain users and suddenly redirect everyone to Goatse one day. You'd have to be a fool to run a business off that service. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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What is ? I'll get to the story in a bit, but first I want to start from the basics. Skip this and the next section if you just want to know the story behind the DNS server. is one of the easiest to type of a collection of 6 DNS servers at through (originally only ). Mar 09,  · isn t a public DNS, it is a private DNS for official use by "Level 3" customers only. It was just an easy number to remember before came along, and was more stable than most ISP DNS servers back in the food-combination.ga: Resolved. is one of six ( through ) DNS servers run by Level 3 Communications, a Tier 1 ISP. These are supposed to be used by Level 3 customers only, although they have gone into general use over the years.