Connecting XBox 360 to internet via wireless connection.

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About Xbox Live on Xbox 360
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What is Xbox Live?

How to Connect an Xbox to a PC

Read More , you should be good to go. If your Xbox stubbornly refuses to reach the Internet, however, you may want to turn off ICS and turn it back on. Sick of lag due to a slow Internet connection? I mean, a house is a closed-in box, and you'd think when you place a device that transmits wireless signals in all directions Read More for the best connection possible. Making sure that your computer has a fast Internet connection to share with your Xbox should greatly improve your gaming experience.

Moreover, some games support second screen content, making this is a killer Windows 8 app for Read More for Windows 8. Did this method work for you? Do you have a better way of connecting an old Xbox to the Internet, or circumventing University WiFi restrictions? Let us know in the comments. Xbox Live service alert. Xbox Support Xbox One. Xbox on Windows What is Xbox Live?

What you can do on Xbox Live. How to connect your Xbox console to Xbox Live. Here's a sampling of what you can do on Xbox Live: How to get connected to Xbox Live. Wired connection A wired network connection is the fastest and most reliable way to connect to Xbox Live. Here's what you need: Wireless connection A wireless network connection lets you connect your Xbox console to Xbox Live without using network cables.

Xbox Connection Error Solution. You can either drag a box around them or hold Ctrl and select each one individually. Right-click the selected connections. Select Bridge Connections from the menu. Windows will work for a few moments as it processes the command. Your connection status in the System Tray bottom-right corner of the desktop should show that you have two active connections when you hover your mouse over the icon.

Turn on the Xbox. Once the connection bridge is complete, turn on the Xbox. Turning off the laptop with sever the connection. If you cannot connect, right-click the bridged connection in your Network Connections manager. Select Repair Connection from the menu. Windows will automatically reset all of the settings, and rebuild the connection. This should resolve any issues. Understand Internet Connection Sharing.

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If you want to connect your Xbox console to Xbox Live and you do not have a router, you can connect your console to your Windows computer and use its internet connection. Note Windows Internet Connection Sharing may not work on Windows when the PC network is connected by using the Point to Point Protocol (PPP). Select OK, and your computer will take a second to process this change and turn on Internet Connection Sharing. Test Xbox Live Connection. If you try to sign in to an Xbox Live profile on your Xbox and it can’t connect to the Internet, you’ll be prompted to test your connection. Jun 26,  · Right-click on your wireless connection. Select Properties. In the Properties window, select the Sharing tab. Check the box next to “Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s Internet connection.” Uncheck the box below it. Click OK to save the changes%(4).