How to connect Apple TV to a hotel Wi-Fi network

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Please focus on the product performance and quality. Your heating system may also be using more energy than needed by being on when it is not needed. Plugging things like lamps, air conditioners, heaters, and television sets directly into this smart plug will allow you to control their power state through applications, Siri, and more. Thanks for putting this together. Aside from Siri command compatibility, HomeKit support also allows the usage of triggers to automate certain actions.

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I was having the same problem. I finally contacted my router manufacturer. They told me to set the 2. After rebooting the router the TV connected automatically after I selected my network. Out of total frustration, this is what I did. I unplugged the TV, then held down the Power Button on TV and plugged in at the same time, hey what do ya know, then it worked!

On my set, with power off.. If your region code is S.. I couldn't find a list of what the codes were or why changing them worked After trying about a hundred suggested fixes in the last couple of days since I got this computer, this fix is the one that finally worked for me. TG2Cnet, yours was the magic answer that worked for me as well, thank you!

I don't know what changed, I had the same wifi router, I don't recall updating firmware on anything, but one day the wifi stopped connecting. I had tried the other recommended solutions here thanks everyone for posting those! I was ready to purchase an ethernet wifi extender and plug that into the ethernet port, but fortunately this solution worked. I have Comcast so when I called they instructed me to disconnect the coaxial cable from the TV as well as the power cord all while the tv is on..

After, I went ahead and selected my wireless info from the menu, input the password and it was back. Mind you I had previously done a "soft reset" as suggested by others prior to calling them and getting this information. It may help to do a soft reset first and then following the above instructions. I tried changing my password to something shorter and easier and the second i did that, the internet only on my Samsung tv didnt want to connect.

I googled for like 2 weeks straight and none of the solutions worked for me. Finally after a good few weeks of trying to figure this issue out.

Everyone on google had the same answers and nothing worked for me. Hope this helped someone! Ok, after many phone calls with Samsung reps located in the Dominican Republic, I was finally able to get to a maintenance tech. He came to the house with a new commo board, but when he tried the old one first and he immediately connected.

I was dumb founded. I asked him to take the unit off line and let me try. When I did, I could not connect. The check marks usually show up after six letters. Thank you so much for posting this. The checkmark was covering the last letter of my password, I don't know if I ever would have figured that out. As I have no patience to try to figure out what kind of equipment everything is and how to reset, reboot, reconfigure etc..

Please avoid burying new requests to such old threads. Since this thread is so old, let's close this after you post a new discussion. Read a lot about ideas on this at https: Also scarolina you're posting in a Samsung thread, And, you didn't include the model number, or if the problem just started, or you've never been able to get it to connect, and how old the set is.

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Reply This was helpful 2. Reply This was helpful 1. I have your answer. Reply This was helpful 0. We do see issues with the connecting. This worked on my Westinghouse as well. Hey did you ever get this figured out? I did something that worked the next day after I posted this. January 31, — 2: Ok a note for my future self and anyone else dealing with this specific problem. I forgot to forget the wifi on my appletv in addition to on my computer. Again thanks for making this thread! January 4, — 8: Does this work with PCs?

My apartment does something similar to this and I am desperate! How do I find my PC address? February 5, — 7: February 7, — 6: February 21, — 6: With MacBook Air running Yosemite February 29, — This is absolutely genius.

Works like a charm with xfinitywifi hotspots too. Hopefully the whitelisting will be longer than 24 hours! April 6, — 4: May 14, — 8: Thank you for your friendly hacking tip!! I used it and the assistance of changing 1 to 0 in one of the comments to get my Amazon fire on to a hotspot.

May 27, — How do I deal with that? June 9, — 8: June 14, — Worked like a charm! I only wish to think of Google this question instead of calling IT support phone numbers and Apple support where so much time and energy has been wasted. Thanks for guys like you, real solution can be found when we take control of the situation based on straight forward help like this.

You have saved me from the Idiot-Box programing TV. June 19, — 1: Currently staying at Intercontinental Sydney, Australia where internet is hosted by iBahn. July 14, — 5: August 5, — 7: Worked perfectly to let me connect my Apple TV to xfinity hotspot while waiting for my internet to be set up in my new apartment.

November 1, — 9: Chris, trying the same thing multiple times for Xfinity Hotspot. August 8, — 9: And 4th Gen Apple TV. August 28, — 2: I have used your instructions before and they work like a charm!

However, this apartment building that I just moved into appears to reset their whitelist every hours. Any advice other than me going through this whole process every day? September 4, — 4: Having the same problem, getting invalid argument using en0 and with en1 it says does not exist. Using El Capitan on a new macbook 12 inch…. September 9, — 5: October 17, — I would love to get this working!!! December 6, — 1: December 29, — 3: Thank a lot for such a great hack, for me it worked fine at the beginning, but after some time my Mac lost connection to Apple TV and now I cannot stream from my apple devices to Apple TV, though I still can watch e.

Can you give me any suggestions? March 17, — 9: Worked like a charm. March 26, — 8: April 29, — 4: We trust you have received the usual lecture from the local System Administrator. It usually boils down to these three things:. May 14, — 9: June 9, — 9: I got it to work!! I am no techy or coding person… Like most I had an issue with the password request.

As soon as the prompt comes up enter your password of your mac computer then hit enter.. Just after you enter it hit enter. After that go onto your appletv forget the xfinity network then turn off your xfinity connection on your mac. Go back to your appletv and reconnect it to xfinity, it should work after that!! June 26, — 9: HI Thanks for this info. However I get an error on step 10 when I try to save back the IP address and the wi-fi is off the terminal says.. Device power is off.

Problem I have is that in this hotel room I have to type in both the room no and a password — maybe this not work here? July 5, — November 2, — 6: May 21, — 8: June 23, — Your email address will not be published.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Frankie Jarrett Web technologist. Spoofing Your Mac Address Note: Open up your Terminal Step 3. Disconnect your computer from the Wi-Fi. Email Twitter Facebook Google. Author Frankie Jarrett Posted September 17, — 2: Eric December 21, — 1: Frankie Jarrett December 22, — Yes, you should definitely give it a try. Tyna December 23, — 9: Frankie Jarrett December 23, — 9: Hm that does seem strange.

What version of OS X are you running? Tyna December 26, — Frankie Jarrett May 29, — 4: Dave December 24, — 9: I just helped my friend connect at his hotel, using your instructions. Oh ok going to try this thank you! MikeP December 26, — Tony January 1, — 7: Jon January 3, — 8: Kharma Consulting KharmaWifi January 3, — 6: Schr0 February 19, — Frankie Jarrett February 21, — Elizabeth January 31, — 4: Jack McDougall March 2, — 3: Frankie Jarrett March 3, — 5: There is not a command line interface exposed for iOS unless maybe you jailbrake it 2.

Frankie Jarrett March 5, — 1: Nick March 6, — 2: Frankie Jarrett March 9, — I am also using Yosemite, these steps should work fine for you. PlexConnect March 17, — 6: D April 13, — Brandy April 28, — 7: I tried, but its ask for password after step 6, do i use my log in password? Danielle May 17, — Frankie Jarrett January 5, — 9: Christian February 11, — Dave May 21, — 6: Open up the menu: Neal June 2, — 7: Rudy June 4, — 4: Disregard I got it to work..

UdoJ July 11, — 2: Dru October 21, — Alitron November 13, — 9: Addison November 18, — Regis November 22, — 1: Paula Dawson November 23, — 2: Dru December 15, — 5: Alitron January 31, — Alitron January 31, — 2: Lauren January 4, — 8: Also how do I get to the terminal on my PC?

Mauricio February 5, — 7:

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Get help connecting to Wi-Fi on your iOS device. If someone else set up your network, ask them for help. If you’re using a network at a company, school, hotel, store, or other free Wi-Fi location, find an employee for assistance. There is one significant change with Apple’s new operating system (iOS8) that will impact our classrooms in a very positive way. With the new operating system you are now able to communicate between your mobile device and an Apple TV without Wi-Fi using AirPlay. Dec 07,  · As I reported yesterday, Amazon Prime Video has finally landed on the Apple TV. This is great news in most ways, as it finally removes one of the Apple TV’s most frustrating limitations. It’s.