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The company doesn't recommend blocking this category. Google just banned the privacy app Disconnect from the Play Store, again. Disconnect specifically designed the Android version of their app to skirt around the restrictions of the Play Store, which specifically bans ad-blocking apps, such as Ad-Away and Ad-Block Plus. Reload this page to see your graph. There have been attempts to create open source operating systems based on Android. Loading comments… Trouble loading?

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Only flaw is that it must be installed before any other ad blockers. Good, but not good enough. This add-on blocks any 3rd party cookies on the current domain. But it doesn't work in more complex scenarios.

When you log in to some web site via Facebook, Google or similar provider, after login completed, the cookies set by these authentication services - Facebook, Google etc. Must have for invisible 3rd party trackers. Been using it since the beginning. Use this or Privacy Badger to send those tracking requests to hell. Used it for 2 years, but now it started collecting data and sending it back to their server.

Something has changed and it's different to before. Basically, now it's spyware. So, beware, monitor outgoing traffic from your PC. I've been using this on my androids for years,now glad to see it here also! Click the button to see and block or unblock the requests.

The dropdown shows you the number of tracking requests on a page by company. Green or checked means the requests are blocked. Click any icon or checkbox to block or unblock requests.

The navbar links to helpful pages — like this one! Common tracking sites — Facebook, Google, and Twitter — are shown separately to make them easy to block or unblock. Click any icon to block or unblock a site. Other tracking sites are shown by category — advertising, analytics, social networking, and content — and company.

Click any arrow to show or hide the companies in a category. Click any icon to block or unblock a category. Click any checkbox to block or unblock a company. Content contains requests for resources like YouTube videos and Flickr photos that may track you but that, without, most people would consider pages broken. Click the Facebook or Twitter icons to share these stats with your friends.

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Google’s Reason for the Banning

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Cookies: We use non-identifying first-party cookies to remember your search preferences (language, country & provider). Okay, I agree More info & settings Cookies are small data files set on your device. Disconnect is an excellent open source privacy-oriented browser extension, and has now expanded upon this technology to offer an inclusive privacy package that combines its anti-tracking and anti-malvertizing know-how with its anonymous search capabilities and a VPN network, all for an extremely reasonable $5 per month. Chrome/Firefox: Disconnect, makers of our favorite privacy-protecting browser extension, unveiled Disconnect Search today, an add-on that makes all of your searches, whether they're at Google, Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, and more completely private, regardless of whether you're using incognito or private browsing mode.