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Nerdon Yorks June 23, at 7: Established under Schedule 5 to the Broadcasting Services Act , the online content scheme evolved from a tradition of Australian content regulation in broadcasting and other entertainment media. However, pornographic videos sold or distributed legally within the UK must receive a certificate from the British Board of Film Classification BBFC and the rules are still quite strict. There is no one set of laws that apply to the distribution, purchase, or possession of Internet pornography. Need help to get back with my Facebook? You didn't say what kind of website you were looking for. And no, we will not go the way of LokiTorrent or Suprnova.

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May 16,  · yes it is illegal but the only way an internet site can record your IP address is by you performing an action on that site (aka clicking on a link) and thats the only way that anyone (other than by looking at your browsing history, unless you cleared it) would know that your computer was connected to that internet site if you X out of it Status: Resolved. Earlier, I wrote an article about the best websites to find foreclosed homes The Best Free Websites to Find Foreclosed Houses The Best Free Websites to Find Foreclosed Houses Read More. Public government sources seemed to provide the most information without requiring a paid membership. Here’s a search engine that can help you right away. Illegitimate sites often replicate the look of popular sites to steal your information. Fake sites use a different domain name than the site they are emulating. Check the domain name by looking at the text that appears before the top-level domain (the ".com" or ".net" part) and matching it to the site you're supposed to be on.