How to Send a Timed Anonymous Email

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How to Send an Untraceable Email
Just know that even the most "secure" burner has its limits when it comes to keeping you truly anonymous. By continuing to use our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Establish a temporary free email account through Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, etc. Maybe saving the best for last: I had never heard of such a thing. Me doesn't have an inbox feature, so you won't be able to view replies to your email here. Now, for some, the need to go truly anonymous is more important than ever.

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Next all you have to do is write your message and tell them the email address where you would like your anonymous message sent. It's got all the normal email stuff like Subject, CC and BCC. You can also attach a file to your untraceable email message, up to 15 megabytes in size. Whatever you do, though, don't log into your primary Gmail or work account. It likely has your name all over it. That renders Tor useless and, depending on the nature of your messages, will lead to your embarrassment, termination, arrest or worse. Instead, create a "burner" email account to use over Tor. We guide you through the process of creating an anonymous email account to keep your identity hidden during your email exploits. Why would you need an anonymous email account? There are a number of valid reasons, such as keeping your personal information out of nefarious hands, or accessing content that requires you to sign up.