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You Asked: What’s the Healthiest Way to Make Popcorn?
Bonaventure University in New York, who has studied how environmental cues can prime us to eat more or less. Though the free trial has a 2GB limit, it is the highest you can get for paying nothing. Retrieved December 12, It has features that amuse all its users. By Mandy Oaklander Updated: We stand in awe at what open source community can do.

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Not a single unpopped kernel. Do you think this can be made in advance of an event? Or about how long ahead of time could you make it without the popcorn getting soggy?

Probably a few hours. Or even a day if in an airtight bag. I might do an experiment before the event. Ahhh thank you so much for posting this!! Quick and no burnt kernels. Will be using often. I used to be a pro at making the most delicious stovetop popcorn, but then, ever since about a year ago, any time I try to make it — complete tragedy. Tonight I had a craving for popcorn and tried to make some — utter catastrophe.

I then went to this website and tried to make another batch, exactly as your instructions showed, to a tee, and still, terrible terrible popcorn. They were dense and small as all hell. I tried this recipe with popcorn from my local farmer before learning that most if not all popcorn needs to dry to the correct moisture content. In my case, my farmer recommended 5 months this year. I have also tried some heritage variety of kernels that a different farmer already aged approximately.

My brother recently made stovetop popcorn using bacon grease, and it was absolutely delicious. I know … not at all healthy, but delicious all the same! I wanted to make some, but I had never in my life made stovetop popcorn.

I used your instructions, and it was great! I only had 3 unpopped kernels! First try and it was picture perfect. Thanks so much for posting!!! Unfortunately, my new Cuisinart Dutch oven shattered before the 3 kernels had even popped, and coconut oil got all over the stovetop, causing a lot of smoke. Sounds like you got unlucky with a defective pot — hope you got it replaced. Cast iron if yours was a cast iron Dutch oven really need to first be heated up slowly. Sorry that happened to you.

I always heat mine on med. I had a failure. As soon as I added the other popcorn they immediately started to pop! You can only regulate heat by turning it up, down, or removing the pot. The kernels are indicators, not regulators. If a kernel is bad, it may not ever pop and you would get a bad idication of when the oil is hot enough.

Let the oil cool a bit and move on. Thanks for clearing it up for me though. The whole purpose is to take the pot off the heat so that the heat evens out and them all of the kernels will pop. Sure, you may get a dud every now and again, but it is about even temps.

The word to be used might be consistent. Hence why i spaced out my 4 kernels. I looked this up as I was actually confused. Thank you so much for clearing it up for everyone. You saved my biscuits with this recipe! I was using the microwave method but was not satisfied with the results.

Did my research and happened upon your blog. The comments section surely is fun to read! Some people who made mistakes pass the blame to the author of this recipe. Not only that, they do their best in finding an error in the recipe instead of checking themselves what went wrong in the entire process. If others can do it, sure you can! No one is, and ever will be perfect. But anyone can be at their best. Bakedbree, thank you for this recipe. I just tried this for the first time, and I had a similar issue.

Two of the kernels popped and the third took waaay, waaay longer. You only need to do 3. The purpose of this is to make sure your heat is regulated. They might not pop evenly, but once you take the pan off the heat, it will be even.

I bet my neighbors are thankful also! Definitely save to my favourites list. Thanks for this amazing recipe. Who knew that making popcorn on the stove instead of in the microwave could be so easy! The only thing I found was that the topping is waaaaaayyyy too salty for me. The second time I tried it I skipped the sea salt in the topping and then just added a sprinkling over the top once it was all done.

Used a dutch oven with the glass lid from my frying pan, offset slightly to let steam escape. I always find my electric stove tricky for things like this, but it worked pretty well. As a topping I just drizzeld honey once they were popped and added a sprinkel of salt, delish!

We always ate the microwave stuff growing up. Thank you for the wonderful tips! I never cooked on gas before but this worked! Your delicious popcorn has ruined my life. Oh this is so so good! We have always been a fan of air pop but are just trying stove top! Oh this method with the honey- all in my favorite pot! Have your ever made a lavender butter? I have had a hard time finding it up here on the north shore. I think the flavor would be lovely with the butter and honey!

Thanks for the recipe! The shape of of wok is the secret; woks focus the heat into the bottom center center and as the kernels pop, with a top, the popcorn falls to the sidewalls as more kernels moves towards the center and takes its place. I just made this right now and blew my own mind at how perfect the popcorn came out. The popcorn is perfect. Thanks for this recipe it is the first one I found on Google that appealed to me, the coconut oil is what caught my eye,ci am a frequent coconut use me Lately.

I just wanted to say thanks for sharing I love thus recipe and it works every time in my dutch oven I have made these about 10 times and. This looks great Bree! I will definitely be trying this out tonight! But, do you know how much popcorn this makes?

Thank you very much for the recipe, came out perfectly! I used olive oil and it they taste just fine! Such a simple — but important -step. Liked your honey idea, so melted butter in hot pan with a couple of spoons of brown sugar.

If your popcorn was almost burnt you cooked it too long. Yes, you actually shake it. Use two potholders and move it around. They were just not designed to take that kind of abuse, no matter how great the popcorn might turn out. But I feel like you should use some common sense when cooking.

If you feel like it is a bad idea to shake a cast iron pan on a glass stove, it probably is. I have a gas cook top love. I ground sea salt into the melted coconut oil and added 2 tbs butter then added additional kernels.

Also put the dutch oven lid about 1 inch ajar instead of removing the lid altogether and shook it. The popcorn was a teensy darker than ideal, but was crispy and yummy! Did not add any toppjng after popping and was a big hit with hubby and 10 year old. I hate the additives and gross oils used in microwave popcorn, so I used this method. I have a gas cook top love and I think Dutch oven is key- cast iron, baby.

Also put the Dutch oven lid about 1 inch ajar instead of removing the lid altogether and shook it. I made this recipe and it was great! However, I read through the comments and am no longer interested in looking through the rest of your site. Your responses are quite rude and not very welcoming to have people return to your site. God gave us all different gifts, and, honestly, not everyone was given the gift of common sense. You are obviously a talented and beautiful woman and mom, maybe instead of being rude and defensive you can just give them helpful comments.

Cooking involves all 5 senses. You need to use them all while cooking, and that is not common sense. If something smells burnt, it most likely is. By all means, please feel free to never return. Best wishes to you. To Julie — Instead of being rude in return, you could have given her this personal critical feedback privately rather than publicly.

It seems to me you made the recipe with success. To Bree — I made the recipe with olive oil and canola oil — both with success. My popcorn was from a CSA share and was harvested and dried out by a local farmer from last season. Great work on coming up with this method! When you read everyones success with this recipe, one might think they are screwing up.

If it smells like its burning….. Its always someone elses fault. Some people shouldnt be near a stove or use sharp items if they screw up something this simple. I guess thats hy there are microwaves. Hello, I made the popcorn this evening and it turned out fabulous.

I I decided to use my grandmothers old pressure cooker. On top of a gas stove. I place the three kernels when they popped I followed the instructions.

Shaking it around and placing it back and forth on the heat is how my popcorn turned out marvelous!! Thank you I will make this with my nieces and nephew next time. This popcorn recipe is perfect!

I had never made stovetop popcorn before but our air popper broke and we had kernels so I figured I would try it. My three year old loved watching the kernels pop and counting down from 30 while the popcorn was off the burner.

I highly recommend the honey butter- light, sweet, and delicious! The coconut oi, butter, honey and salt are a nice combination of flavors. I used a gas range and stainless steel dutch oven and it came out perfect! Not one burnt kernel. Oooh Bree I am going to try honey butter tonight for movie night. We usually add melted butter, salt and freshly shredded cheddar or grated parmesan cheese. Thanks for the simple and perfect recipie, the pop corn turned out very well.

Thanks for your tips and recipe! We made this on our campstove in a Dutch oven at a Boy Scout campout. Everyone came sniffing around.

It was fast, easy, simple and your instructions and pictures make it fool-proof…well almost. We just loved it. My new favourite way to eat popcorn! My popcorn did not come out with any burnt smell and most of the kernels thoroughly popped. I had some homegrown popcorn but had been leery about trying to pop it.

No more microwave popcorn for me! Bree, thank you for this recipe! The power went out and I stood in the dark, wondering what on earth was to become of movie night. THanks for this recipe Bree. But they certainly all popped. We opted not to use the honey. Guess its just different strokes for different folks. Right now 4 out of 4 stars, thanks for all the tips. Will have to try again, be sure to let yall know how it goes! Think you might be on to something. Could you please help me on how the popcorn become crispy.

The 3 kernels trick is unique. I must also comment that I had no idea Maldon salt was used overseas. I used to live down by Maldon in Essex, UK! I followed the first two steps to the T I am a perfectionist and then the oil and kernels caught fire. I have a gas stove so idk if that is what caused it but just in case readers with gas stoves may want to try using just medium or medium-low heat instead of medium-high. I still have some traumatic stress problems from a house fire when I was a child, so this was a particularly scary cooking event for me.

Coconut oil, as I know now, is not supposed to be heated to high temperatures. Not mad or upset just a PSA. Thanks for sharing the recipe and tips. It made a for a perfect 1st time making stovetop popcorn with my 7yr old daughter. I made it in a stainless steel stockpot but otherwise followed recipe exactly. My kids loved it just eating it plain, but i felt like there was too much oil used. This method might produce perfect popcorn if you reduced or changed the oil used and were extremely careful with the heat used.

So is it worth the effort? I just made this popcorn for my fam while we watched a Minions movie and I have to say that this recipe makes perfect, delicious popcorn! So easy to make and I had no problem shaking the pot, haha. I used coconut oil instead of butter and just salted it without the honey.

I feel like I can do anything now. We have just tried this recipe after a few failed attempts to make perfect popcorn on the stove! This recipe is great. My family likes it better without the honey, but I like the sweet flavor it adds.

I tried this and at was perfect. Make sure your whacking it on medium-high heat. Not medium or less. The oil should smoke and almost immediately after, the 3 kernels should pop. Been trying to get away from microwave popcorn for years but my stovetop popcorn has always turned out unpopped or burnt.

Your straightforward recipe and pics and tips made it so easy. We just enjoyed the tastiest popcorn ever! I have made stovetop popcorn my entire life, but never in my Dutch oven. Thank you so much for posting! I used grapeseed oil instead of coconut oil because it has a high smoke point and is good to use when cooking with higher heat.

When exactly do you recommend removing the pot from the heat? Thank you so much for clarifying this detail for me! After the 3 kernels have popped. Wait 30 seconds then put it back on the heat.

And then after the popping has stopped. I love this recipe and have made many variations on it. Thanks for sharing it! Wanted to throw out a tip for anyone like me looking to eat lighter — this popcorn is delicious with no topping, or just salt. It is also delicious as written… Yum. Using a tip from another blog, I ground kosher salt with a mortar and pestle to make it super fine, so it sticks to the popcorn instead of sinking to the bottom.

Now I have a big bowl of popcorn to make caramel corn! I was very nervous to do this based on some of the comments, but it came out perfectly! I used all organic popcorn, butter, coconut oil, and Celtic Sea salt and it tasted amazing. This made great popcorn, perfectly cooked and my home smells divine now, thank you!

The 30 second wait did the trick! The second batch I added sugar to the oil for it to dissolve — Yum!!

This experiment has come to an end

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