The Best VPN for Netflix 2018

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For this reason, we've decided to cancel all subscriptions. Just says Netflix is unavailable right now, which I guess means it has blocked me? ExpressVPN does indeed bypass the Netflix ban on a couple server locations. Ad-blocking is not an option. It works on both mobile and desktop browser. Tried several different IPs. Hi George, as I keep saying in all our Netflix-related articles as well as these comments, you need to try different servers.

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Netflix VPN: How to watch Netflix outside USA *Updated August 2018*

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Other VPNs That Work With Netflix

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For those unaware of how to unblock Netflix, the answer is a Virtual Private Network (VPN), which allows you to access extra content in a few simple steps. Don’t be scared! We’ll hold your hand every step of the way in this easy-to-follow guide. Netflix offers significantly more content to users. I tested every free VPN out there, and none of them are able to bypass Netflix’s block. Even if you chanced upon such a service, it’ll work for a few days and then stop. That’s what I faced with both Hotspot Shield (our review Hotspot Shield Is An Easy-To-Use VPN With Elite Security Hotspot Shield Is An Easy-To-Use VPN With Elite. Suggest a free VPN that works with Netflix If you are looking for free VPN that works with Netflix, you are not alone. I did a lot of research and tried more than 20 free VPN providers to stream Netflix.