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Censorship of YouTube
In fact the viewership of such content was approximately 10, times more than the number of times the Innocence of Muslims video was watched worldwide. The lawsuit asked that YouTube be blocked in Brazil until all copies of the video were removed. On January 24, , Libya permanently blocked YouTube after it featured videos of demonstrations in the Libyan city of Benghazi by families of detainees who were killed in Abu Salim prison in , as well as videos of family members of Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi at parties. Archived from the original on November 9, The site has been banned since Sept. According to them, Google blocked the videos because they didn't have an agreement to show music videos in Finland. Socio-economic issues in Pakistan.

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Pakistan's YouTube ban, 1 year later

The effectiveness of the measure was questioned, since the video was available not only on YouTube, but also on other sites as part of an Internet phenomenon.

On Tuesday, January 9, , the same court overturned its previous decision, allowing the filters to be removed. The video footage itself remained banned and was to be removed from the website. YouTube has been intermittently blocked in Eritrea since by some ISPs, although a spokesperson for Freedom House speculated this was due to bandwidth considerations.

On November 30, , most YouTube videos containing music seemed to be blocked by Finnish nonprofit performance rights organization Teosto in Finland. According to them, Google blocked the videos because they didn't have an agreement to show music videos in Finland. According to Teosto, they and Google have made a temporary agreement to show the videos in the morning of November The music videos started to return to YouTube in Finland later on November Some YouTubers, even non profit, might fail at the expensive fee for applying a license.

The channel was mentioned in a requirement of a license. According to a German court in Hamburg, Google 's subsidiary YouTube can be held liable for damages when it hosts copyrighted videos without the copyright holder's permission. The government allowed two days for the removal of the video or YouTube would be blocked in the country. On January 24, , Libya permanently blocked YouTube after it featured videos of demonstrations in the Libyan city of Benghazi by families of detainees who were killed in Abu Salim prison in , as well as videos of family members of Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi at parties.

The ban was condemned by Human Rights Watch. In May , videos critical of the Malaysian government were blocked from YouTube in Malaysia despite the government's promises not to censor the internet.

Analysis of the network traffic shows that the ISPs were scanning the headers of the users and actively blocking requests to the YouTube video according to the video key. The blocking of YouTube on Maroc Telecom was lifted May 30, , after Maroc Telecom unofficially announced that the denied access to the website was a mere "technical glitch".

On May 20, , which was Everybody Draw Mohammed Day , Pakistan again blocked the website in a bid to contain "blasphemous" material. However, individual videos deemed offensive to Muslims that are posted on YouTube will continue to be blocked. On September 17, , the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority PTA ordered access to YouTube blocked, after the website failed to remove the trailer of the controversial Innocence of Muslims , and eventually resulting in a ban due to YouTube's noncompliance.

Bytes for All, a Pakistani non-profit organization, filed a constitutional challenge to the ban through their counsel Yasser Latif Hamdani in the Lahore High Court.

This is an ongoing case and is commonly known as the YouTube case. On December 11, , it was announced by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority that they had convinced Google's management to offer a local "youtube.

However, it would only be offered after the Pakistani government fulfilled some of the undisclosed requirements. On May 6, , the National Assembly unanimously adopted a non-binding resolution to lift the ban, [65] but as of August 2, it was still in effect. As of January 18, , the ban has been officially lifted, as YouTube has launched a local version of the site for Pakistan and Bangladesh. On November 25, , the NetBlocks internet measurement platform and Digital Rights Foundation collected evidence of nation-wide blocking of YouTube alongside other social media services, imposed by the government in response to the violent Tehreek-e-Labaik protests.

The video claiming responsibility for the Moscow Metro bombings , which quickly gained , views in four days, was removed, along with all videos of Doku Umarov.

Additionally, it turned out that over videos from the Kavkaz Center were removed for having "inappropriate content. On September 4, Roskomnadzor announced their intention to delete a video released by a popular YouTube channel Nemagia in which bloggers Alexey Pskovitin and Mikhail Pecherskiy described unscrupulous business strategies by Tinkoff Bank. The Sudanese authorities blocked YouTube on April 21, , following the presidential election , and also blocked YouTube's owner Google.

The block was in response to a YouTube video appearing to show National Electoral Commission workers in official uniforms and a child in the Hamashkoreib region filling out voting strips and putting them into ballot boxes, with one of them expressing relief that the voting period had been extended for them to finish their work.

Sudan had previously blocked YouTube temporarily in for unknown reasons. However, the block was later lifted. YouTube was blocked in South Sudan because of controversy relating to Innocence of Muslims , a controversial anti-Islamic film.

In July , the Tajik authorities blocked YouTube in response to uploaded videos showing protests against militant clashes.

Eight days later, the ban was lifted. In the same year, the Tajik government blocked the website again, this time because of videos depicting the president Emomali Rakhmon which were deemed to be offensive to the government. In , Tajikistan blocked YouTube for a third time because of a video which depicts President Rakhmon dancing and singing out of tune at his son's wedding party in Thai authorities identified 20 offensive videos and demanded that Google remove them before it would allow unblocking of all YouTube content.

During the week of March 8, , YouTube was blocked in Thailand. YouTube was unblocked on March 10, On the night of April 3, , YouTube was again blocked in Thailand. On September 21, , Thai authorities announced they were seeking a court order to block videos that had appeared on YouTube accusing Privy Council president Prem Tinsulanonda of attempting to manipulate the royal succession to make himself Thailand's king.

YouTube was blocked in Tunisia for several years before the Tunisian Revolution. Turkish courts have ordered blocks on access to the YouTube website. YouTube lawyers sent proof of the video's removal to the Istanbul public prosecutor and access was restored on March 9, Although YouTube was officially banned in Turkey, the website was still accessible by modifying connection parameters to use alternative DNS servers, and it was the eighth most popular website in Turkey according to Alexa records.

Go ahead and do the same. Turkey lifted the ban on October 30, On March 27, , Turkey banned YouTube again. This time, they did so mere hours after a video was posted there claiming to depict Turkey's foreign minister, spy chief and a top general discussing scenarios that could lead to their country's military attacking jihadist militants in Syria. As of the morning of June 1, , access to YouTube remained blocked in Turkey. On April 6, , YouTube was again briefly blocked, alongside Facebook and Twitter, due to the widespread posting of footage of a prosecutor killed during a hostage crisis.

On December 23, , YouTube again became briefly inaccessible in Turkey according to reports validated by internet monitoring group Turkey Blocks after footage that allegedly showed the immolation of Turkish soldiers by jihadists was shared on the site. Other websites, such as LiveJournal were also blocked. This ban was later lifted, [ when?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about censorship of YouTube by governments and organizations. For censorship by YouTube itself, see Censorship by Google.

Has local YouTube version. Internet censorship in China. Internet censorship in Iran. Blocking of YouTube videos in Germany. Internet censorship in Russia.

Archived from the original on November 27, Retrieved September 24, YouTube und Gema einigen sich nach jahrelangem Streit". Archived from the original on August 25, Retrieved March 19, Archived from the original on August 24, On 1 March the Supreme Court of Pakistan directed the government to keep tabs on Internet sites displaying the cartoons and called for an explanation from authorities as to why these sites had not been blocked earlier.

The Court also ordered Attorney General Makhdoom Ali Khan to explore laws which would enable blocking of objectionable websites. In announcing the decision, Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry , said, "We will not accept any excuse or technical objection on this issue because it relates to the sentiments of the entire Muslim world. All authorities concerned will have to appear in the Court on the next hearing with reports of concrete measures taken to implement our order".

Consequently, the government kept tabs on a number of websites hosting the cartoons deemed to be sacrilegious. This ban included all the weblogs hosted at the popular blogging service blogger. A three-member bench headed by Chief Justice Chaudhry, summoned the country's Attorney General as well as senior communication ministry officials to give a report of "concrete measures for implementation of the court's order".

At the hearing on 14 March , the PTA informed the Supreme Court that all websites displaying the Muhammad cartoons had been blocked. The bench issued directions to the Attorney General of Pakistan, Makhdoom Ali Khan , to assist the court on how it could exercise jurisdiction to prevent the availability of blasphemous material on websites the world over. The blanket ban on the blogspot.

Allegations of suppressing vote-rigging videos by the Musharraf administration were also leveled by Pakistani bloggers, newspapers, media, and Pakistani anti-Musharraf opposition parties. The ban was lifted on 26 February In the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority blocked five websites for "providing misleading informations". YouTube was blocked in Pakistan following a decision taken by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority on 22 February because of the number of "non-Islamic objectionable videos.

On 19 and 20 May , Pakistan's Telecommunication Authority PTA imposed a ban on Wikipedia, YouTube, Flickr , and Facebook in response to a competition entitled Everybody Draw Mohammed Day on Facebook, in a bid to contain "blasphemous" material [25] [26] The ban imposed on Facebook was the result of a ruling by the Lahore High Court, while the ban on the other websites was imposed arbitrarily by the PTA on the grounds of "objectionable content", a different response from earlier requests, such as pages created to promote peaceful demonstrations in Pakistani cities being removed because they were "inciting violence".

The ban was lifted on 27 May , after the website removed the objectionable content from its servers at the request of the government. However, individual videos deemed offensive to Muslims that are posted on YouTube will continue to be blocked. The website would remain suspended, it was stated, until the film was removed. On 25 July , the government announced that it is mulling over reopening YouTube during the second week of August. A special member committee was working under the Minister of IT and Telecommunication , Anusha Rahman , to see if objectionable content can be removed.

The Pakistan Telecommunications Authority , the telecom watchdog in the country, has already expressed its inability to filter out select content. On 8 February , the government announced that YouTube will remain blocked 'indefinitely' because no tool or solution had been found which can totally block offensive content. On 25 November , the NetBlocks internet shutdown observatory and Digital Rights Foundation identified mass-scale blocking of social media and content-sharing websites including YouTube, Twitter and Facebook throughout Pakistan imposed by the government in response to the violent Tehreek-e-Labaik protests.

In June , the Citizen Lab interdisciplinary research laboratory uncovered that Canadian internet-filtering product Netsweeper to be in use at the national level in Pakistan. Blocking a domain is one thing and does not involve invasive methods. But blocking encrypted […]. Submission by amicus Khurram Zafar on home-based blocking vs state blocking […]. Enter your email address to subscribe to Techies. Categorized YouTube Content from 50 channels. June 9, at 5: August 2, at 8: August 2, at August 6, at 5: October 14, at 3: To Block or Not to Block: YouTube - Bolo Bhi says: March 15, at 7: Submission to Court in YouTube Case: May 13, - Bolo Bhi says: May 13, at 4: May 15, at 2: Recent Posts Pakistani Investors: Categories Articles Events Featured.

Lifting the YouTube Ban in Pakistan – A Possible Solution [Updated]

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Why is YouTube banned in Pakistan? Is there any other website or tool which are banned in Pakistan or in any other country? What's the real reason behind the YouTube ban in Pakistan? Should YouTube be banned in India? Is Facebook banned in Pakistan? Ask New Question. Internet censorship in Pakistan is government control of information sent and received using the Internet in Pakistan. On 21 April , Pakistan's Senate Standing Committee on Human Rights requested the Federal Government remove the ban on YouTube. On September 17, , the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) ordered access to YouTube blocked, after the website failed to remove the trailer of the controversial Innocence of Muslims, and eventually resulting in a ban due to YouTube.