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pfSense Captive Portal login/logout page
These users are confronted with a connection timeout and will be scared that no internet connection is available, our intranet or their computer is broken. Turn off more accessible mode. Other approaches Use the logout page, it is shown after successfull login, trunk seems to prepare this when the default page is visited probably in pfSense 2. Where I do post php code. Download pfSense up to 2. Bringing Part of the Portal into Captive Portal.

Other approaches

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Sep 02,  · 1. Enable the captive portal - To enable the portal click on captive portal which is found in the services menu of pfSense. Select the check box "Enable captive portal" 2. Select the interface - Most users will select the LAN interface. The captive portal can only run on one interface at a time and pfSense is not able to act as a reverse food-combination.gas: It is possible to customize the pfSense Captive Portal login page so a custom page will be shown. In order to do this, follow the steps below. A Captive Portal is a special webpage users see before using the Internet. It will intercept network packets and when users try to access a webpage it prompt them to login. My personal captive portal utilises pfSense’s own Captive Portal features to authenticate users before they begin using the Internet.