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I have had much success with Mint. If you like this blog, please do not forget to share or put it into your favourites: DarkDuck 27 August at Though, you can't choose your colors or anything, you have to go with what the themes give you. I have been using linux mint since ubuntu changed to unity doubt that i am going to use unity ever. DarkDuck 30 April at

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How can I get the correct number of pages, counting from 1 after having reset it to 1? Holger, you probably used a wrong variable in your headings. If you want, please email me the document, I will try to look into your problem. About a year ago I published a blog post and then a video showing you how to insert page numbers into an OpenOffice. It does not mean only Linux , but also SAP systems. Learn more about him here. If you like this blog, please do not forget to share or put it into your favourites: You can also subscribe to this blog via e-mail or RSS, links are on the right.

This is absolutely FREE! Andy Prough 13 February at DarkDuck 13 February at Christopher 19 April at DarkDuck 19 April at Christopher 30 April at Other people have said that this issue is to do with the graphics installed in my laptop but I've seen this happen on multiple devices and I have no problems with Gnome 3 or Unity. So basically for me it comes down to trust. I can't say the same for Mint. MATE's issue of disappearing panels is gone now if i'm not mistaken It runs beautifully on Debian!

Just don't try it using Ubuntu Oneiric I have now tried Mint 13 and I am going to change my opinion of it. On one of my laptops I have started to use mate and once you get used to the cluttered menu it is ok. The disappearing panels problem has indeed gone away. I installed Cinnamon on my desktop PC which is quite powerful and I really like it. The menu is actually very easy to navigate. I am also impressed with the shortcuts for navigating to different workspaces and workspace management as a whole.

If your machine can handle it I would recommend Cinnamon. I've never liked the Mint menu but I guess that's just personal taste. I mostly use Ubuntu with Unity. I have tried out LinuxMint 13 in a VM and it really is not up to par with their past releases. I believe what happened is they got in a hurry trying to find something to replace Gnome2 and used something that was not entirely stable. And as far as the Distrowatch Page Hit Rankings, that is for entertainment purposes only.

They in no way, shape, or form indicate the quality of any distribution. By the way, thanks for an honest review. I have had much success with Mint. I have been running Cinnamon live via USB for some time now. The only issue I have had installing software is that sometimes the progress bar stops in the middle for a while and then jumps to finished.

I do occasionally experience newly installed software not displaying in the menu. Logging in and out solves that problem and I don't lose any of my "live" data bookmarks,etc. I think it is great that you can run XChat and speak directly with the Mint team to get help should you need it. Although, it may not be obvious to a new user. Perhaps give it another shot and see if they can help you resolve your file server issue. A test of their services. I do not have a file server set up at this time to test that dis functionality for you.

I recently decided to go back to Linux after a couple of years. I had a good look around and chose Mint Cinnamon. I very rarely get the freeze problem that others mention. But I am running it on desk top, not a lap top. With lots of RAM. So far the only aspect that fails is Sound Effects. They are greyed out in the sound control panel. I can live with that easily enough. Re the network problem. I run a home network though a server that also acts as the main firewall.

I can access a remote printer, but that is the only remote device I want to look at. I agree that there is duplication in the available software. But then there is also uninstall.

Which is pretty quick and pretty efficient. I am pretty sure you're not the only person who likes Linux Mint Cinnamon. Unfortunately, I am not from that list. There's nothing wrong in either position.

Mint 13 Xfce is based on Ubuntu They moved back to Ubuntu now. Thanks for pointing the typo, I have fixed it. Thanks, that solved my local network issue with LM 14 Mate! I gave up on LMint 13 when i was affected by random freezes that ruined the RC.

Never bother to try the final since LM Xfce 13 has won my vote Everything is working pretty well. Caja file manager seems to not work correctly with Windows domain credentials eg the "domain" box is not working period.

No problems, no gripes. If there's a problem try something else. Linux almost always requires workarounds it seems. I'm not a fan of Cinnamon either. However, for me at least, the issues with Gnome 3 go beyond the GUI.

One comment you made was about not being able to change the color of the taskbar. This can be achieved by changing the Cinnamon theme. Though, you can't choose your colors or anything, you have to go with what the themes give you. Also, the rest of the taskbar has very few customization options compared to other GUIs and even Gnome 2.

Plus, if you hate the gargantuan menu, you can always right-click on it and switch to the "classic" menu, which is a very basic old style school menu.

I've been using Cinnamon for a couple weeks now, its the only thing that fixed a nasty video screen tear I was having in MATE. On the whole, i gotta say I like it. Its clearly a work in progress, but on my dell d its plenty snappy, doesn't seem to use any more memory than MATE I'm new to Linux and I' like Ubuntu with Unity. I think you will need to wait for very long time until you can replace Metro on any tablet with Unity.

Also Mint needs to come up with a proper desktop for tablets something like android but more like linux with apps , not like Joly cloud. Installing cinnamon on my laptop was best improvement that could be done in all aspects of computing.

Better than windows or even osx. Really easy to use. I am happy to hear you found what you've been looking for. My choice is different from yours, but I respect both.

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator. Deleted because of the language you use. Please watch your speak next time. I'm using dell inspiron bit, my problem is that my dongle is not getting connected automatically and also by doing all the setting net not get connected..

I have been using linux mint since ubuntu changed to unity doubt that i am going to use unity ever. Now on linux mint 13 cinnamon and using it as my main desktop.

Have no problems, just works. Best distro i ever used and i have tried quite some distros. I would recommend it to anyone anytime. Have you fixed the issues I encountered while writing this post? Or they're not issues for you? They have not been issues for me i have been using teamviewer for remote desktop and i have not tried to install gigolo.

I never had trouble installing what i need, but i also installed it on my harddrive. I could not install any software either from the terminal or the graphic interface on Linux mint cinamon on mate Both Linux mint and Fedora should have not included the graphic interface as it has never worked for me. You're probably the only person who failed to install something in Mint or Fedora.

I have installed whatever I wanted on fedora using the terminal, but this did not happen in Mint. Does Mint have a problem with a proxy server? I have never tried this. You'd better ask on Mint forum. Not Quite There Yet.

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About a year ago I published a blog post and then a video showing you how to insert page numbers into an document. The video became very popular, and I got some additional questions about the functionality. The question I got recently persuaded me to write this post. So, what is the. Linux Mint has never been my favourite. Except, maybe, for the short-term flirt with Mint Xfce, which I ran on my laptop for several weeks. The end of that story was not as happy as the beginning. Mint Xfce was based on the testing branch of Debian, so another update of the codebase broke the system.