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Tool (band)
Retrieved July 27, The video featured the band members naked with their genitalia covered by parental advisory stickers and their mouths covered by duct tape. Hidden services were first specified in [78] and have been deployed on the Tor network since This page was last edited on 15 September , at Amazing in every way I can't say enuff good thing about my tool concert experience it was surreal Im still in shock it was that soul touching great sound perfict voice tone just a great all round concert hope they come back soon but be prepared to throw out some dough for this band kids this was the most expincive concert ticket I've ever bought but totally worth it.

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Following the release the band played a successful series of shows on the Lollapalooza tour, where they moved from the second stage to the main, and were introduced by comedian Bill Hicks. Later earning triple platinum certification despite the falling popularity of alternative rock, the record was led by the Grammy-winning titled track and led Tool to become figureheads of alternative metal.

I can not believe I never saw Tool in my high school years. I've wasted half of my life not having seen them. There are really three shows when you go to a Tool concert. We'll start from what I saw on the left to what I saw on the right:. The images and light coming from so many angles could be a show all its own.

Drummer, Guitarist, Bassist, and Maynard's little raised stage area were all lit perfectly well. MJK was wearing riot gear, interestingly enough.

The drummer astounded me. They often do, but this guy was surrounded by percussion and made me feel like I was the one in the drummer box. Guitarist and Bassist played with the crowd constantly. Professionals and obviously so thankful for the admiration. What talent in each performer. Initially, my wife and I were in the pit and caught the opening act 3Teeth We had so much fun with them.

After they finished and we got our first round of beers, we made our way to the balcony nearly all the way to the edge stage right. We had full view of the band and it was only then that I realized how packed in people were down below.

We got to watch the moshers and laugh at the crowd surfers who were yanked out of the crowd by security as if they were tissues being taken from a kleenex box. I'm so glad we weren't up front. Anytime someone tried recording with their phones Seriously, idiots. Please stop this , the staff would wave mag-lights into their lenses. Great idea BUT it also menas you're blinding everyone between you and the recorder.

I can imagine that'd be a bit jarring. Sometimes it is nearly impossible to remove yourself from your surroundings when attending a concert in a giant corporate arena.

While others times, suspension of disbelief is achieved effortlessly. When it comes to a Tool show, the venue itself literally ceases to exist. That was the case at the Pepsi Center last night. Transitory life was put on hold as we were forced to look inward instead of forward. The words and ideas of controverisial visionaries such as Bill Hicks, Carl Jung, and Karl Marx joined with the industrial heartbeat provided by Danny Carey, Justin Chancellor, and Adam Jones; all while MJK preached the gospel of poisoned religion, astrological phenomenon, unified consciousness, and Armageddon.

Like a mushroom or LSD trip, the vehicle and destination are same, but the journey is something completely different each time. Adam and Justin delivered unrivaled precision on all my faves, well almost all, and I say that just cause I'm greedy and want to hear MORE!

Then of course Mr. The dude is weird as hell I love these guys and hope to go to dozens more Tool shows before I kick the bucket. I expect the sound at the dome to be poor, but, this was utter crap. I got hardly any vocals, and a muddy distorted mess. I also expect to get nothing from Maynard, and we got a little more than that. And for half of it I even forgot the band was playing. Danny Carey the drummer did his best to take center stage and he did an admirable job, and Justin Chancellor the bassist also attempted to draw some attention.

Stoned out of your gourd you will truly appreciate the visuals, but, stay home throw on any or all tool cds,search for visuals and enjoy. Or just watch your screen saver, and you will feel like you are there but better. Tool concerts tend to stick with you for quite a while.

The visuals alone are captivating, inspiring, working with the music, creating a synchronicity few bands have achieved. Adam Jones is the artistic force that really drives the group, Maynard James Keenan providing lyrical emotion and commentary.

Danny Carey and Justin Chancellor take the songs and drive them to a new level with brilliant drum and bass overtures. The sum of the parts continually push the limits of progressive music and the best way to experience this is in person. Activists use Tor to anonymously report abuses from danger zones.

Whistleblowers use Tor to safely report on corruption. Militaries and law enforcement use Tor to protect their communications, investigations, and intelligence gathering online.

Trademark, copyright notices, and rules for use by third parties can be found in our FAQ. We offer an onion service for this site: Tor prevents people from learning your location or browsing habits. Tor is for web browsers, instant messaging clients, and more. Why Anonymity Matters Tor protects you by bouncing your communications around a distributed network of relays run by volunteers all around the world: On July 15, , Carey and Jones informed Rolling Stone that family commitments and an ongoing lawsuit are the key reasons for the delayed fifth album.

But the point is, we're fighting the good fight We're going to trial and we want to crush them [an insurance company]. But every time we've gotten close to going to trial, it gets postponed and we've wasted money and time and it has just drained our creative energy. We bought an insurance policy for peace of mind, but instead we would have been better off if we never had it and just dealt with the original lawsuit. In March , Jones revealed that the lawsuit had been settled in the band's favor, and as such, the band was turning their focus towards recording the album.

In January , Tool undertook a tour of the United States. While it was reported in February that Keenan had entered the studio to work on vocals for the fifth Tool album, [] it was later reported that the album was not scheduled for release in Tool was described by Patrick Donovan of The Age as "the thinking person's metal band.

Cerebral and visceral, soft and heavy, melodic and abrasive, tender and brutal, familiar and strange, western and eastern, beautiful and ugly, taut yet sprawling and epic, they are a tangle of contradictions. Liddell for their complex and ever-evolving sound. A component of Tool's song repertoire relies on the use of unusual time signatures. For instance, Chancellor describes the time signature employed on the first single from Lateralus , " Schism ", as "six" and "six-and-a-half" and that it later "goes into all kinds of other times".

Beyond this aspect of the band's sound, each band member experiments within his wide musical scope. Bass Player magazine described Chancellor's bass playing as having a "thick midrange tone, guitar-style techniques, and elastic versatility".

Completing the band's rhythm section , drummer Carey uses polyrhythms , tabla -style techniques, and the incorporation of custom electronic drum pads to trigger samples, such as prerecorded tabla and octoban sounds. Keenan's ability as a vocalist has been characterized more subjectively by the Seattle Post-Intelligencer: After his performance during an Alice in Chains reunion concert in , freelancer Travis Hay saw him as "a natural fit at replacing Layne Staley ".

Keenan's ability to dignify emotions like lust, anger and disgust, the honey in his voice adding a touch of profundity". According to Guitar Player magazine, Jones does not rely on any one particular guitar-playing technique but rather combines many techniques. The band puts an emphasis on the sound of their songs and attempts to reduce the effect lyrics can have on the perception of songs by not releasing song lyrics with any album. The number of syllables per line in the lyrics to "Lateralus" correspond to an arrangement of the Fibonacci numbers [] and the song "Jambi" uses and makes a reference to the common metrical foot iamb.

The band has named the group Melvins [22] as an influence on its development, but the most-publicized influence is progressive rock pioneer group King Crimson. In an interview, Fripp touched on how the two bands relate to each other, stating "Do you hear the influence?

There's just one figure where I hear an influence, just one. It was a piece we were developing that we dropped. And it's almost exactly the same figure: So I do not think you could have heard it. That's the only thing. The members of Tool have been generous enough to suggest that Crimson has been an influence on them.

Part of Tool's work as a band is to incorporate influences of other works of art in their music videos, live shows, and album packaging. Adam Jones doubles as the band's art director and director of their music videos.

The band has released eight music videos but made personal appearances in only the first two, which the band states is to prevent people from "latching onto the personalities involved rather than listening to the music. The " Sober " music video in particular attracted much attention. Jones explained that it does not contain a storyline, but that his intentions were to summon personal emotions with its imagery.

Jones is responsible for most of the band's artwork concepts. Their album Undertow features a ribcage sculpture by Jones on its cover and photos contributed by the band members. The releases garnered positive critical reception, with a music journalist of the Associated Press attributing to the band a reputation for innovative album packaging.

Jones created packaging for 10, Days that features a pair of stereoscopic lenses for viewing 3-D artwork and photos. Jones, a lifelong fan of stereoscopic photography, wanted the packaging to be unique and to reflect the s artwork he appreciates. Live shows on Tool's headline tour incorporate an unorthodox stage setting and video display. He explains, "[a] lot of the songs are a personal journey for him and he has a hard time with the glare of the lights when he's trying to reproduce these emotions for the audience.

He needs a bit of personal space, and he feels more comfortable in the shadows. The band has never used any sort of timecode. The show is never the same twice. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This is the latest accepted revision , reviewed on 15 September Tool Tool performing live in Barcelona in Jones, Keenan, and Chancellor. Alternative metal art rock progressive metal post-metal [1] [2] progressive rock. Tool Dissectional Volcano Zoo. With its abstract lyrics and multi-sectioned, odd-metered structure it has since become a signature song of the band.

The number of syllables per line in the lyrics to "Lateralus" correspond to an arrangement of the Fibonacci numbers. List of Tool concert tours. Retrieved 9 May The group's rhythm section, featuring new bassist Justin Chancellor, propelled the group's post-metal stylings with a twisted, near-jazz approach. Tool's bag of post-metal goodies, and it's every bit as fear-inducing as it was in Retrieved October 9, Retrieved September 5, Retrieved April 9, Being the Secret Joys of a Lachrymist".

Archived from the original on June 2, Retrieved August 27, Retrieved April 7, Tool Muchmusic spotlight TV. Retrieved September 17, Retrieved December 30, Retrieved June 4, Big hit of Lollapalooza tour gears up for second album". Retrieved March 2, Archived from the original transcription on February 13, Retrieved September 18, Archived from the original on June 29, Retrieved June 15, Retrieved February 2, Tool adds its own '90s twist to the genre with unpublishable lyrics, occult tendencies and a love of grotesque imagery — burning eyeballs, phallic hardware, crippled people.

Retrieved April 8, Fade to Black presents: It's Only a Ride: Archived from the original on October 17, Retrieved December 5, Retrieved May 13, Retrieved November 10, Retrieved 6 April Retrieved May 9, Tool's prog pleases populace". Retrieved September 23, Retrieved May 29, University of Colorado Denver Advocate.

Archived from the original on October 7, Archived from the original on May 26, Retrieved March 6,

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