How do I clear my Internet browser history?


How to Quickly Delete History on Android Phone
This is the only place, that actually is helpful. Save my name and email and send me emails as new comments are made to this post. Your previously visited page will be loaded again. Rather than accessing the various settings via a menu icon in the top left-hand corner, you have to tap on the Dolphin icon at the bottom of the screen. To delete specific entries from the Gmail search box auto-complete list: Find the entry you want to delete. Don't show this again.

How to Clear Individual Search Items

How to clear your Google search history on Android

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Mozilla Firefox

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Follow these steps to erase the search history on your Android phone. 1. Open your mobile browser on the phone and head to if it isn't your default search page. Screenshot by Nicole Cozma 2. Signed-in users will see a History link near the bottom of the page, which is where you want to press. Here’s how to delete browsing history on seven of the most popular Android browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, internet, Dolphin, UC Browser, and . How to Clear Your Google Search History on Android Cameron Summerson @Summerson December 5th, If you’re an Android user, Google is ubiquitous throughout the operating system.