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Repair LCD screen with water damage
I replaced the inverter and it did not help. Let me ad one little detail. How do I find where the problem is? Has anyone seen this and do you know what the problem may be and how to fix it. I have a laptop with no image at all in the lcd display. If it is possible, please let me know the best place to connect anti-static wrist strap to the notebook computer. Blowing out the heatsink I can do myself.


Toshiba suddenly shuts down by itself

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Then lower the lights to play golf on your simulator with your newly discovered skills. Get ready for the lowest scores of your life! Unfortunately you cannot disabled it and I doubt that you can replace it yourself. The only solution — to replace the motherboard. Can you please provide detailed instructions with picture.. My computer is getting overheated and I am not able to play any movie files as the computer automatical shuts down..

I wonder what the problems is. It was easy but took 2 hours of my day. Last week I both a apple macbook computer beacause my sattelite used to shut down after 10 minutes. I was screwed again beacause my sound card is not yet compatible with the macbook. Today I decided to open my sattelite a!

Can anybody file a class action suit against Toshiba. Hi cj, Is the disassembly for A65 same as other toshiba? Thank god that worked, mine used to boot out of nothing like once an hour.

It turns out the heat sink was filled with dust, literally filled. Works greats now, the fan rarely turns on. After one year of getting frustrated while my laptop would randomly shut down, I found your website from google. I hestiantly dis-asembled my cpu, but it actually was not that bad. What I found looked just like the pictures above. I cleaned it out, and now my laptop works just like new.

I would recommend this procedure to anybody that is having similar problems with their Toshiba laptop. Just be sure to save all of the different screws when you take the cpu apart!! I have had so many problems with my toshiba a75 laptop so I called toshiba myself and found that there is a class action law suit against the a75 laptops. It looks like that the battery charges when the laptop is turned off. As soon as you turn on the laptop, the laptop starts running on the battery power.

The battery lasts for about 2 hours and then the laptop shuts down. I would try to upgrade the BIOS to the latest version. At this time it is version 2. Try to remove the battery, connect the AC adapter and start the laptop. Does it start at all when the battery is removed? When you turn on the laptop, does the fan start spinning?

Can you here it at all? Laptop overheating is a very common issue. Oh my God I travel all over the world with my laptop and could not figure out why it was shutting down. I had more dust than that pic you have posted and I keep my computer clean in a case. Thanks so much for the advise. Usually the life of the battery is around years, depending on how you really used it. The optimized usage of the battery is fully charging it and discharging it from time to time.

I advice you check the support website of toshiba, which is support. Also, try to download and install the latest bios update for your laptop because that could solve the issue. Was going to pay pounds to get it fixed: This is the best site ive ever seen… I own a Satallite AS I just thought it was my electrifying personality..

After about 11 months it started overheating all the time and shutting down… Now the power cord works intermittantly.. I Have to wiggle it to get it charge … All three of these issues were addressed at this site… Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.. I have a AS,and at first it would shut off by itself. As time goes on, it would turn on for 3 seconds and then turn back off. Now it wont turn on at all. I would have to apply pressure at the bottom between the battery and memory card cover in order to have the green light to come, but that dont work any more.

I have took it apart and cleaned out the heatsink which had dust clogs in it. But still no green light. Thank you George, That is a nice guide and very clear pictures. Let me ad one little detail. I would suggest the following steps. After that unlock the CPU socket on the motherboard there is a screw-lock on the side , align the CPU and place it back inside the socket and lock the socket.

You can clean old thermal grease and apply new grease. I have a toshiba m35x. I used the instructions to crack it open and look at the cpu.. Thank you for the info cj, I will make the changes according to how you described the procedure in a couple of days. This was a really helpful guide, thank you. I own a Satellite A75 S What do you think is the problem, and do you think my documents and files will be lost because of this?

One of our customers has a cat and she brings her laptop for cleaning every three-four months. May be here cat sleeps on the laptop? Angie, Your laptop is completely dead? I think that you still should be able turn on the laptop even though one fan not working. Do you have any idea why this happened? The only problem I encountered with the laptop, like everyone else, is the shutdown problem when the laptop overheats.

It could be a dead memory, dead CPU or something else. Try to remove the battery and start the laptop just using the AC power. If you have an extra memory module, try to remove it and turn on the laptop. The color on this looks off, probably from oxidation or something like that. Could this discoloration be a compromise to my cooling system? Could you give a Model for a replacement LCD screen for me? Fadi, It is not necessary to replace the heatsink, just clean up the surface that contacts the CPU.

There are a few LCD screens for this model: There are also three Sharp screens, but they require a special insulator.

Here are part numbers for the screen: What can be the problem. TRE2K3, Apparently, the systemboard is bad. In this model the battery connects directly to the systemboard, the power switch is located on the systemboard and the memory is integrated into the system board.

The line seems to coorespond to the warmest part of the base and the bottom of the screen frame is warmest at that time. The line is about the thickness of a thread. John, It might be the LCD screen problem. There is no way to troubleshoot it, until you connect a test LCD screen and check if it fixes the problem.

I was hoping someone might say that. The LCD solution seems right. At worst right now it is only annoying. CJ, I took your solution and went to my local computer store and picked up Ceramique an Arctic Silver product. Could I have damaged my processor? I noticed that when I cleaned the surface of my CPU isopropyl alcohol it seemed just a tad discolored at the center, whereas around it there was a nice, mirror finish.

I opened the panel and ran my computer again. The brass directly in contact with the CPU is hot, but the heatsink out where the fan blows air is cool.

I think my Toshiba M45 Satellite is overheating. It freezes after a minute of the computer being on every single time. I am planning on getting compressed air to clean out the fans.

If that does not work, is there a tutorial on how to apply artic gel, or to remove the fan to celean out more? I do it myself each time I have to reapply thermal grease on a CPU. Does the fan spin all the time or it starts only on the laptop start up?

If the CPU is so hot, the fan should run at least once in a while. Just yesterday I had to repair a similar problem on Toshiba Satellite A The laptop shut down after minutes being on. The heatsink was very hot and the laptop shut down.

Apparently, the circuit that turns on the fan when the CPU is hot was bad and the problem was fixed after I replaced the board. Another laptop with a similar problem I fixed about 3 days ago. Fixed the laptop by replacing the fan. So, check for fans.

Arctic Silver makes a good stuff and by the description they provide, Ceramique thermal compound is a good one. I was watching a power point file and it just repently started going very slow, so I restarted it and it was doing the same thing, and restarted it again, but it never did. I thought is was a virus, so I took out the hard drive and connect it to my desktop, but it runs perfect and no virus found.

Then I thought it could be overheating and I cleaned it as the procedure you show in the website, it stills the same. One particular thing is that the time never change, not even in the BIOS. Could the battery of the BIOS be causing this??? My fan seems to be doing fine.

It starts up about thirty seconds into startup, and it blows at full speed. No odd sounds or anything. I would definitely test the hard drive.

You can use Hitachi Drive Fitness test. If it passes the test, I would back up all important data from the hard drive and then run a Toshiba recovery DVD to take it back to factory defaults.

It might be a software problem. Thanks for your advice CJ, I actually did that already, talking about the buckup my important information…. Thanks for your help.

You follow this wizard to create a bootable floppy disk. I think that for Satellite A75 you can create only a bootable floppy disk, not sure though.

After that you will have to boot the laptop from a USB floppy drive and finish it up. After you reboot the laptop you should have new version of BIOS. When you upgrade the BIOS, you should run the laptop from AC adapter power, because if the battery is not charged and it dies during the upgrade you might have a problem. Hi, I have an AS laptop and it overheats after 10 minutes and turns off. It started this about 2 months ago and would only shut down after about 1 or 2 hours of being on.

Do you think this is a dirty heatsink problem. If so in your dissasembly instructions the last two steps are removing the CPU.

Will i have to remove the CPU to clean the heatsink. Thank so much for the site. I will be donating by paypal! Most likely just cleaning the heatsink would be enough to fix overheating. Also, check if fan spins when you turn on the laptop. It should start spinning right away after you turn it on. In some cases laptop overheats because of a dead cooling fan. BTW, I like your idea with paypal. A couple of last questions c.

Where should I look for the dust. Also what email adress should I send the donation through paypal. Man you are a life saver.

I followed the instructions and man was that thing dirty. It was like a big ball of lent over both openings to the fan. I used a shop vac to get the dirt out then I followed the instructions and applied Artic Silver to the cpu. Ive had my laptop running for at least 2 hours now and its as cool as can be and doesnt shut off. I hope a 5 spot will due for a donation until I get paid. Again thanks so much I will tell all my friends about this place!

Hi there, I tried the idea above of vacuming out the vents from my Toshiba laptop, as my lap top too was shutting itself off everytime i tried to play a game or watch a dvd, and it had neever done this until now. I advise anyone with the same problem with any kind of laptop to try the same. Great tip thanks alot, saved having to take it to a pc store to get it sorted.

What can I use to keep the fans from spinning that is non-conductive? We had an overheating problem with our A Now, the computer boots up, however the fans are not running. If you could help address the fan problem first I would be most grateful. Any any ideas on the display problem would be much appreciated also.

Judy, I am not an expert but when you took apart the computer and unhooked the display cable there was another black wire secured by a screw. This is a ground make sure you hooked it back up properly.

And about the fans cj will probably know the answer to that and the display problem. Just thought i might add a little advice! If you experience the same problem as I described in the post, try to blow off the fan first. I usually take the fan out and block fans with my fingers. Judy, Did you plug fan cables back into the system board? In Satellite A75 there is no way to plug them back without taking the laptop apart.

Satellite A75 fan has 2 fans and 2 connectors. May be you plugged in only one of them? When you turn on the laptop, both fans have to start spinning. You can see fans through the grill on the bottom. Do they spin at all? It has to be secured by F3 screw located under the keyboard.

I have an AS Is there anything else I will need to do ie. Whe I go to properties of my PC running is safe mode is really wird that the speed of my procesor is showing as I think the procesor could be damaged. I would really apreciate it. Still on the fritz, and my fan looks like its working just fine. Here are a couple guesses. I would contact the manufacturer and ask them if you can use the grease with your CPU.

Usually fans spin at different speeds. May be your fan works only at slow speed. The fan is controlled by the motherboard. The heatsink is not seated properly and there is a gap between the heatsink and the CPU surface.

What speed does it show? As soon as you turn on the laptop, pres on ESC key. The laptop will continue to boot with details on the screen.

You should be able to see the CPU speed. If the screen flashes too fast, you can pres on Pause key. What CPU speed you see? My laptop toshiba as, will not power on from ac or battery. So I think power manager chip is dead? Toshiba Guy, If Satellite A75 will not boot from a good AC adapter of from a good charged battery, then I would say something is wrong with the systemboard.

Not sure about power manager chip, I do not repair motherboards on component level. Do you get any LED activity at all? What are your symptoms? Do you hear any sounds? Pentium R 4 CPU 3. Have you tried to reload Windows at all? Should I trhow it away already?? Do you know where to get a restore cd for a satellite AS I cant find it on ebay and I have lost mine.

Call Toshiba customer service line at and ask them if they can sell you one. You can see them through the grill on the bottom of the laptop.

If both fans spin and they are not noisy, wait with the replacement, try cleaning the heatsink first. A powerful air compressor would be a better option. I will follow your advise and focus on cleaning the heatsink and get back to you on the results. I have a AS model and I had the same problem described here laptop is on for mins and turns off without warning. I already cleaned the heatsink and the fan and assembled back the laptop. I tried everything including disassembling and assembling again but it did not work.

I did not bother putting any coz I thought it was just dust. What do I need to put in there? Joseph, Yep, this gray stuff on the top of the CPU is thermal grease and before you assemble the laptop back, you must apply new layer of the grease because the old one is already removed.

If you run the laptop without thermal grease, it will overheat and shut down. You can buy thermal grease in any local computer store or buy it online. When you assemble the laptop, make sure that both fan connectors are plugged into the system board. So I ordered a new hinge and put the computer back together in the meanwhile. Of course, the computer overheated. So I went out and bought Ceramique thermal paste, and followed their online directions.

The first time the computer overheated, the fans were on full blast for a while. It overheated within I believe 30 minutes or so. All of a sudden, the fans went on full blast and the computer shut down. From the fans turning on to the computer shutting down was really quick, within seconds…any ideas what to look for?

I decided to retry applying the ceramique paste. I bought acetone, and thouroughly cleaned the heat sink and the CPU.

So this time, I cleaned both parts really well, and followed the ceramique instructions very carefully. The computer is still overheating. I believe it should be in the range, correct? I called Arctic Silver, and their very helpful tech instructed me that some laptops require a thermal pad for the heat sink to make good contact to the CPU.

I called Toshiba, and their not so helpful tech stated that according to his specs, Toshiba uses pink silicon grease, not a thermal pad. According to Toshiba specifications, Toshiba Satellite A45 requires a pink grease.

GY4CT, you can find it if you Google for it. I would probably try using the grease recommended by Toshiba. I was very surprised that with Arctic Silver grease my desktop ran 10 degree C hotter then with grease that I got with the heatsink. Since then I use grease that came with the heatsink. From your knowledge, is there anything special about this grease?

Do you know if Compusa sells anything that I can try? When we were out of pink grease, we used just whatever we had in stock, some kind of generic white grease. Let me know how it goes. What else should I be looking for?

Do you know the version of the laptop BIOS? Are you sure that laptop shuts down because it overheats? Also, I downloaded a freeware called Speed Fan or something like that, and it shows temps idling in the 60C range, and then when I do something like watch a DVD, it creeps up. When it hits around 82C, the PC shuts down. I think you should sell the laptop to somebody who lives in Alaska; at least they can use it as a heater.

Can you see if both fans spin? I have a TE and I have this overheating problem too. Do you know where I can get the Toshiba pink grease cheaply?

I live in Singapore. Apply just a small drop, just barely enough to cover the CPU surface after you spread it. It had a overheating issue. Blowed the dust seems to fix that. The lines are kind of cm long. I tested the graphic card with a external LCD..

No Lines apear ever. So I opened the top lid that coved the connector of LCD to the motherbord. Tapping that connector seems to remove the problem temporarly. Is there a way to fix this issue? Replacing the video card? Is symptom of cold wirring? CJ, Thanks for the help, I did finally get the computer to work. I had ordered a new hinge, and figured that I might as well fix the hinge and worry about the overheating later. So I fixed the hinge using your wonderful tutorial thanks man!

I cleaned the heat sink and CPU again, this time for like a solid half hour. Yes you can change the Processor from an Celeron to a P4. Now the bad part. You must take the computer apart to gain access to the processor and remove fans, heatsink and processor. You will need new thermal grease to re-attach to heat sink. Now the most important part to remember you must find a compatable P4 that has the same or lower wattage rating than the Celeron.

I changed a Celeron 2. I need to dis-assemble the unit anyway. I had an overheating issue with this machine. I found your website and followed the directions to clean it. I was thinking this would be a good time to up-grade the processor since I have to dis-assemble the unit. You assistence is greatly appriciated. I was able to locate a 2. It requires the same wattage as my 2.

Will it still work? The thermal design power for both processors is I will also be placing a triple 60mm fan cooling pad under the machine. Does anyone know where to buy or replace an LCD screen cheaply for a toshiba ps? Any suggestion will be really helpful. You will find a new lcd for this laptop on ebay or amazon very cheap. Or you can order from toshiba for an extremely high price.

If you are interested in selling your damaged screen let me know. My TE will occasionally shut down by itself, so I thought it is due to overheating. However, I took out the HSF and did not see any clogging. I assembled everything and switched the laptop on, but the temperature is about the same as before.

AS5 needs some time to perform optimally, so maybe it is due to this? I used a program called MobileMeter to check the temperature. It ranges from 60 to 64 degrees Celsius. I have dealt with the overheating issue on my A too, but my problem now is that it keeps restarting and going to the Windows Advanced Menu. Hi I have a fan problem with my Toshiba Satellite Pro But the fan is not damaget because i can control it with the program: The fan also starts when i start up in bios upgrade mode.

I have a s I used to have the overheating problem but fixed it by cleaning the heatsink and every few months thereafter cleaning it. My problem now is when I plug in the dc power adapter sometimes it shows it charging and sometimes not. When I wiggle a little the light goes on to show it charging. Sometimes it stays like this for a long time and sometimes I have to keep playing with it for a while.

I read about the plug coming apart from the motherboard and re-sodering it there can fix the problem. If I want to check if this is indeed the problem do I check from the back of the computer or do I need to disassemble the front which I have never done before and am not quite sure how to do. Thanks for any help or advice. Wayne, I think that 60 degrees Celsius is a little bit high. Steven, Did you take it apart for cleaning? If the laptop worded fine before you cleaned up the heatsink then check if all cards and connectors are seated properly.

It keeps shutting down randomly. I checked the heat sink and cpu and its clean.. When it shuts down, the power light button stays lit but the screen is black. My battery charges fine. When the laptop shuts down sometimes it takes a few tries to get it to boot again. Some times it boots on the first try. Sometimes the laptop will stay on for hours and sometimes it shuts off after a few minutes. Do you know what the problem could be? Thank you for your help. I guess that the temperature sensors might not work properly and the fan will not turn on when the laptop is hot.

Let me know if you find a solution. The booting up problem existed before I cleaned out the heatsink. I plugged the hard drive into another computer as an external and can read it fine. I tried using Linux suggest in 34 to reboot from disk and even with failsafe it gets a kernel abort. Bios seems to work fine. When the Toshiba screen appears, the screen looks messed up though lines and pixels , but text looks fine.

So, it seems like a HW issue, but not sure how to debug. Christina, Laptop disassembly requires some tech skills and if you are not sure do not open the laptop or you can damage it. Overtime, the wires inside the adapter power cord can break. The break point is located close to the power plug. It happens if you move your laptop a lot and frequently plug and unplug the adapter. As you see, a damaged power cord can a damaged power jack can have the same symptoms.

Before you decide to repair the power jack, make sure that the adapter is fine. Noe, Test the memory module, it could be a bad memory. Try reseating memory, moving it into another slot.

If you have two modules installed, remove them one by one and test the laptop again. Remove the wireless card and run the laptop without the wi-fi card installed. You should have mentioned that before. I think your problem is related to a bad memory module or a bad video card. If you have any extra memory module installed, remove it and test the laptop again.

Check if the same garbled video lines and pixels appears on an external monitor. Hey Carlos, Can you provide a better description on the laptop behavior? It will not turn at all? Thanks for the reply. I would in a minute if I were back in the states which I hope to be in the not too distant future If I could ask 2 brief questions. I read somewhere where 1 guy was having a connection problem and used alumium foil on the end of his adapter and that helped.

Is it safe to put alumimum foil on the end to help be a conducter? I just want to see if it is broke or not, then I can get this thing to someone to repair. Thanks again for your time. Thanks for the ideas. I removed the extra memory, no help. I plugged in an external monitor and see the bad Toshiba image. Sounds like I need to replace the mother board? Steven, Yep it sounds like a bad system board. It works fine when I connect it to a monitor.

What might the problem be? If you are having a problem with laptop video, check out these posts: How to troubleshoot and fix laptop video problems Laptop has bad video on the LCD screen. Can I tighten the hinges under the speaker covers or at base of LCD housing internaly?

Help very appreciated… Thank you again for your teachings! Although does look quite fun ;- Thanks again! The screen is damaged. Can u advcie how much it will cost to replace the screen rgds amit. Recently it started to shutdown suddenly every once in a while when I was running in Linux.

As time went on it started happening more frequently until the point where I could not even have it on for five minutes. The weird thing is, this never happened in Windows. I tried reformatting the Linux partition and installing a different Linux distribution. First I tried Fedora Core 5. Again, hard shutdown with no warning. I was at a loss as to what to do until I stumbled upon this website. I disassembled the entire thing and the heat sinks were filthy. I blasted them with compressed air, reassembled and so far so good.

I am still confused as to why the problem never happened in Windows. Saurabh, Give me more information about your laptop, I need laptop part number. A clogged heatsink was definitely a problem, but apparently there is something else to it.

If you set it up to a maximum performance, the cooling fan works on a higher speed and makes a better job cooling the CPU. I believe the high performance is set by default. Have you noticed that the fan has a higher speed in Windows? Can you check if the laptop performance is set to maximum? I purchased a Toshiba Ps and it did not include an ac adapter. Well I got the adapter and it is the right output 19V 6.

Several other places have told me this is the correct part number for this laptop yet it doesnt fit. Please Help I need an adpater so I can start using this laptop. Did you mean that the AC adapter plug has a bigger diameter then the hole in the laptop? This adapter has the same output 19V It is the other way around the ac adapter barrell is too small for the larger hole and pin on the back of the laptop. I dont know if you have ever heard of this it sounds strange to me because I would assume all part numbers would be the same.

But two stores told me that they have ran into this problem before and this was the reason it would not fit. Thank you though for your reply I hope this will help other Toshiba users in the future! I have both adapters at work and check the part number on Monday. Ok I have two of these adapters. They both are the same size tip.

The PAU-1ACA is a generic ac adapter do you think that they just made a mistake when manufacturing thinking that because both had the same specs they were made the same. I can send pictures if you would like to show the two parts and tips. Thank you though for your speedy response.

I just checked other adapters listed for Satellite PS and found 2 more: We have a Toshiba Satellite A, though it works with many Toshiba notebook models. I have tried to play video games on my computer, but for some reason every game I buy just freezes when I try and play it. I can play the games on my older dell that has even less memory for graphics.

Any suggestions or anyone else run into the same problem. I have to say I think the Toshiba EA60 55 is a problematic machine. Satellite P35 heatsink designed similarly to Satellite A75 and this model tends to overheat because overtime the heatsink gets clogged with dust. When you play games, the CPU works harder and generate more heat.

If the heatsink is clogged, the CPU will overheat. When CPU overheats, it slows down and the video might get laggy or freeze up completely. I think it might be your problem. I have a problem with my Ps I know it is not overheating from experience with my A While im using the laptop it just goes to stand-by and then turns right back on. After it does it once it just keeps doing it every 5 minutes and then it will quit and run sometimes an hour before doing it again.

I know when they overheat they just shut off completely. I think it may be something to do with software but Im afraid to run the restore dvd because if the machine goes to standby while restoring it could be a disaster.

Do you have any idea what could be causing the laptop to go into stand-by over and over for no reason. Again thanks for the site!!! Cjones, Enter the power management utility. There should be a place where you can change timing for the system standby. Does it make any difference?

If the lid close switch is malfunctioning, it should eliminate the problem. I cannot find where to change the timing for system standby. I looked under all the tabs in the power management. I will try to set the lid close option to none and see what it does and let you know what happens. I set both off the settings to what you suggested. Still it does the same thing. Im clueless I guess I have a toshiba paperweight now. Thank you for the suggestions! Boot your laptop from this CD it looks like Windows and see if it still goes to stand by.

Well now my problem is this, I was playing Ned for Speed Most Wanted and I thought that Turning off Hyper Threading would allow the game to use more CPU, well I turned it back on and played it for a while and then it just shut off, nothing,?

Randy, Try starting the laptop from the AC power, without the battery installed. It also could be a dead memory. If you have any extra memory stick installed, remove it and start the laptop without it. May I please have some instructions to remove the drive to change. Thank you very much Giulio. My toshiba P35 S has a year and a half now. For about 2 month now many lines have appeared form top to bottom on the entire the LCD.

I Connected an external monitor to the laptop and the image was perfect. Are these lines symptoms of a faulty LCD or could it be somethig else? Thanks you for help and such a great site! Does anyone else have any ideas on my laptop? Randy, It looks like you know how to take it apart with closed eyes. I take the laptop apart completely and assemble it outside the case on my bench. The motherboard has integrated memory module, the power switch is also located on the motherboard. After the motherboard is removed from the case and the CPU with the cooling module is attached to it, connect an external monitor, plug the AC adapter and press on the power button located on the motherboard.

If you can start the laptop and get some basic video on the external screen, then most likely the motherboard with CPU are fine. Start to assemble the laptop and test after each step. Check if the top cover has any bent metal pieces, which can cause unwanted grounding. If you still cannot get any video on the external monitor, then either the motherboard or the CPU is bad.

Reseat the CPU just in case and test again. Further troubleshooting will require either a test motherboard or a test CPU.

From my experience a laptop system board fails much more often then a CPU. I do have a Toshiba Satellite MS Last night, after being off for 3 hours, I turned it on back and it did so, but there was no display at all on the LCD.

It was total black. I tried reseting, turning the laptop off, taking the battery out and so on and I got the same response.

I let it go. This morning tried again with the same result. Then, I connected an external LCD monitor and it worked, all the display was ok on the external monitor. I ran some software tests and found no problems. Afterwords, I asked somebody from Toshiba Thecnical support and was told to take the notebook to a technical representative to fix what appeared to be a LCD problem. I did so and when the technical guy turned the laptop on it worked perfectly without external monitor.

Brought it back home, had it working for a couple of hours and got back the same problem: Went back to connect the external monitor and got display on it and all systems working ok. It could be a bad inverter, screen, video cable or even motherboard. You mentioned that the screen is black. Is it completely black or you still can make out an image on the screen? When LCD inverter fails, the backlight turns off, but you still should see the desktop very dim image. Regarding my Satellite MS, yes, it shows the Windows Xp image when starts booting, but nothing else, not even a dime image of the desktop after a couple of seconds had passed.

I had it on working over the weekend using an external monitor and it works perfectly. Boots, loads and does run all software without trouble at all. I do not mind having to fix an inverter, cable, etc. Start the laptop with the external monitor attached. Press on Fn first and hold it down, then tap on F5 for a few times. When you hold down Fn and tap on F5 one time, you might get a menu that shows where the laptop outputs video I get this menu on my Satellite A laptop.

Change it to the internal LCD screen. Try it and let me know how it goes. I started the laptop the way you advised me. First try, I got full display on its laptop screen, but for a split second. I tried again switching to the laptop but did not get the same result as the first test.

However, I am able to see a very dim display of the desktop on the notebook. So, could it be the LCD inverter? I have traced it to the smooth areas either side of the touch pad as when I press firmly here it can cause the problem. I am thinking a loose connection is the problem, does anyone know of this problem or can help guide me to the disassembly of the problem area? Also I think the ac power connection could be loose but I understand this is a known problem.

Any help much appreciated. I have a Satellite S and tried to remove the cover to clean my heatsink, but it does not have phillips head screws; but little rivetlike things. Does anyone know how to safely remove the cover, or do I remove the entire back of the notebook? The heatsink cover usually secured by two torx screws.

I had the same monitor blackout problem which occured randomly, it turned out to be the spring catch holding the rubber switch on the back of the plastic strip beneath the screen.

I refixed the spring using epoxy resin and it is now ok. My Toshiba laptop keeps shutting down the adapter big barrel tip is broken already had the inside plug fixed it is adapter PAU-2ACA any ideas where I can get this at a reasonable price?

The solution of using canned air to blow out the dust worked like a charm. Sgalante, It looks like you are looking for 19V My Toshiba Satellite MX35 laptop worked fine for a week after cleaning the heatsink with compressed air and reapplying silver thermal grease following the instructions given in this website. Recently, it started shutting itself down or freezing with a white screen again.

If the air conditioning is on, my laptop works just fine. Any suggestion on what to do next? I have a satellite p s and I warn all of you that the design of the jack in back or on most all computers is designed somewhat flexable and when you bump the cord or plug it does not take much to break the stem or post inside where the charger plugs in.

I do not recomend anyone do this except as an emergency or real need to use the computer. I can use it for a while and it starts beeping and then just shuts off after a while. I tried to take apart the computer to get to the charger plug but I saw that I have to tear it most all the way down. Since I am kind of handy at these things I am considering cutting out a chunk for easy access to the plug and re vamp it with a better design.

I also had to buy a new computer when this first happened to me so I purchased another satellite but not a pro. I went to put it in and found that it is not the same one and will not plug into the satellite.

Many emails and phone calls and I am not getting any results yet. The have what seems like an easy way to find the right part and order but even tho they say they guarantee it to be the right part that does not matter if you can not get what you need right away. It is a month later now and I guess I have to find another place and order another one and hope they remove the ones I sent back off my charge card.

I think I will go with HP the next time but I doubt that will stop some of the same problems I have had. Wishing all of you better luck that I have.

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