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Open Source Encryption
As a PHP developer, you should be aware that strong security practices aren't just for exotic applications -- they're for the project you're working on now. Open source disk encryption for Windows There are only 4 open source disk encryption systems for Windows: Yes limited to one per "outer" container. Get an overview of what it means to encrypt and decrypt information, as well as some practical examples involving passwords and other data, using PHP's built-in functionality. Another problem with using open source is the fact that you are not sure who is behind the software and that there could potentially be back doors you are not aware of, but who knows? This awareness runs from the pedestrian such as not showing plaintext in a password field on a login page to dizzying heights of cryptographic methods such as DES, MD5, SHA1, Blowfish. Open source can create a false sense of security.

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Why not use open source encryption?

PGP Corporation acquired by Symantec in Any supported by OS. Yes limited to one per "outer" container. Yes [ citation needed ]. Yes with add-on Secure Device. Partial [80] [Note 3]. Last update to web site Yes except for the boot volume. Yes parent volume is encrypted. Yes add-on Secure Device. Each sector on disk is encrypted. Yes encrypted by default in OpenBSD []. Maybe that information should be encrypted, too". Where is data most vulnerable?

It is at the endpoints. Without endpoint encryption on ultra notebooks, laptops and desktops, data is vulnerable. This is where you naturally store the user names and passwords to cloud apps and communication -- critical and confidential information that must be kept secure. For some reason people seem to underestimate the importance of the human factor when it comes to IT security. Recent findings show that more than six out of ten data breaches emanate from a lost or stolen laptop.

If you lose your laptop, then you most certainly are losing confidential information as well. So, how do I secure my laptop? When browsing the Internet for security software you will most certainly find some open source software that looks interesting -- and perhaps it may be even more appealing because it is free.

Open source can create a false sense of security. Using open source means being dependent on something that might not work in the end, when you most need it.

What originally may look attractive based on price may end up being very costly to your business in the long run". The TrueCrypt story is a good example of what happens when a team decides to no longer develop its product and patch security holes. In May , the TrueCrypt website announced that the project was no longer being maintained and recommended that users find alternative solutions. SWF Encryption, Protecting open-source data For years, flash swf files have been scourged as practically open-source.

With programs on the market today, giving a swf is almost identical to handing over the very source file.

Having been a flash designer for a number of years, I know this danger all too well, and have done every swoop and dive in order to protect my chances of compromising my work. Now there is a tool to help protect your hard work from cheap rustlers, Amayeta has produced a program that encrypts your action script from weary viewers, and protects your work safely, without damaging the end result.

Open source disk encryption for Windows There are only 4 open source disk encryption systems for Windows: Truecrypt by Truecrypt Foundation 2. Crosscrypt by Stefan Scherrer None of these allows the encryption of the system partition. All "full disk encryption" software is closed source. The author of this site strongly discourages the use of closed source crypto. However, through special tools it is possible to effectively establish a fully encrypted Windows system with open source crypto.

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If the system drive is still encrypted by TrueCrypt, decrypt it now (open System menu in TrueCrypt and select Permanently Decrypt System Drive). If you have a non-system drive encrypted by TrueCrypt: If you have a spare or backup drive. There’s a lot of talk about encryption these days. Often the issue arises when moving data to the cloud, using solutions like Dropbox or Box. We start to wonder if our information will be safe. Encryption Developer First released Licensing Maintained? Aloaha Crypt Disk Aloaha Open source [citation needed]: Yes ArchiCrypt .