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Zephoria Inc.

And while that technology may seem merely amusing—or creepy, depending on your point of view—it could fundamentally reshape how we interact with machines. Jibo still has a lot to learn. For the millions of people who are legally blind, navigation is a routine challenge. Though support canes and guide dogs can help, they cannot mimic actual vision. To date, the company estimates it has been used by more than 1, patients.

It sounds almost too good to be true: Halo Top, which is also enriched with protein, maintains its low calorie count using the zero-calorie sweetener Stevia, along with cane sugar and sugar alcohol. Now Rihanna is focused on launching new Fenty Beauty collections and taking her brand to the next level. By one estimate, you have only about 37 seconds to enjoy the brew at an ideal level of warmth.

So he invented a solution: And it may be poised to become a desktop staple: What if elevators could move sideways, instead of just up and down? MULTI , a system of elevators that ditches old-school pulleys for the same magnetic levitation tech that enables high-speed trains. Think horizontal offshoots of straight, vertical towers. Though some of these features first arrived on devices from Samsung and LG.

But in order to make it all possible, Apple had to kill the home button, a popular all-purpose navigation tool. If the material is too heavy, it causes excess sweating. Unlike a traditional hijab, the Pro is made with light, breathable fabric that wicks moisture; athletes who have used it report that it helps manage sweat.

But what if both parties worked together to pre-empt medical issues as well? Forward does offer reactive medicine too, including unlimited generic medications without co-pays. But as a niche experiment, Forward appears to be working: Imagine a shoe that lets you run faster, pivot better and jump higher.

It would take weeks to make those modifications using traditional shoemaking methods. But the Futurecraft 4D midsoles can be printed in as little as two hours, meaning Adidas could even produce them in stores. Electric cars typically have one of two problems: Consumers are certainly intrigued: But Tesla remains confident it will catch up—which is good for its shareholders, and also the environment. Vehicles like the Model 3, which runs on batteries rather than gasoline, are likely to play a major role in combating climate change.

Breastfeeding is easier said than done, especially for moms on the go. Most electric breast pumps use air-horn-shaped collection bottles, which are tethered to loud, whirring machines.

Its battery-powered alternative is quiet and small enough so that women can slip it into their bra and pump wherever they want. Each is lined with a freezer-safe bag. That convenience comes at a cost: Kelman says the company is making design tweaks based on feedback from moms who are testing a beta version now. If Willow delivers on its promises when it launches next year, it could revolutionize an industry in desperate need of disruption. Most home security systems are created to keep intruders out.

A smartphone app also lets users manage their system from afar. Similar tech exists from Abode and SimpliSafe , among others. Of course, the Secure is plenty capable of guarding a home: The train to Mars pulls out only once every two years.

NASA plans to make good use of the window, with the planned launch in May of the Mars InSight lander, which, as its name suggests, will give scientists their best look ever at the interior of the Red Planet.

Unlike Curiosity and other Mars rovers, this craft will stay in one place. But with good reason: The space- craft should operate for Earth days Martian sols —or until just about the time the flight is ready to go.

For all its futuristic hype, virtual reality is a fairly clunky technology: HTC and Lenovo are working on similar devices. So he and his team set out to close it.

Tasty One Top, an induction cooktop that syncs with the Tasty smartphone app to guide would-be chefs through different recipes.

Other companies, such as FirstBuild , Hestan and Pantelligent , have launched similar products in recent years. Glad to see its on your list. The rifle feels great in my hands and can tell the quality is much higher than by Bushmaster. Good gun for the money, just wanted to upgrade. Other Great Brands I like and own: I am looking to buy an AR for a target rifle.

Is there a reason KAC is not making most top 5 or even top 10 lists? I own two of them and absolutely love them. All the older gun makers produce mostly other types of guns and ar 15 are a after thought except for colt. Much like Glock to law enforcement. Now does that mean Colt is shit? But it means that to secure those contracts and make a profit, they cut corners where they can. Spec Ops units spend the money the Army and Marines save by buying in bulk…they contract specific manufactures and many many years out of this practice, Sig and more recently Daniel Defense have gotten many of those orders.

Just picked one up is it worth the I spent? Pros and cons of it. Salient makes fantastic stuff. Those boys are wizards.

Firearm equivalent of AMG. I was going to say McLaren, but McLaren builds their own designs. They are tuning existing guns and really, unfortunately are limiting themselves with what is a disappointing lack of imagination. But what they do, they do extremely well.

They stated the LWRC had a much better bolt carrier lower , it is ambi, spiral barrel, and something on how the rail attaches. Still, I have a lot of friends and family that live and die by DD. Not sure which way to go, love to hear your thoughts.

I highly highly recommend bulldog the rifle yourself. You can put a Daniel defense quality rifle together for a few hundred dollars less. And the geiselle ssa-e trigger for SIG yep without a doubt 4. Black Rain Ordanance 5. Currently, I only own Sigs.

I am quite the Sig fan. Their price to quality ratio is some of the best in the business. But they have some quirks that some of the others on this list do not. Both accomplished with a 24x scope. After approximately rounds, have never had a failure to feed, nor failure to eject. The negative is the factory trigger is horrible. It felt like it had 7 lb of pull and had a lot of creep. One has to put a good trigger in to get accuracy, but this is probably true with most mass produced ARs.

I have not seen anything here about Windham. I am looking at the SRC. But nothing special and certainly not close to being a Top 5. What do you think of Sons of Liberty Gun works? They are extremely highly praised. They seem extremely knowledgeable. Same with small parts. Colt is a straight up milspec gun. Mid gas guns are arguably smoother and better cycling.

We both use upgraded 5 coil extractor springs. BCM has now started using that, too. We both still offer the milspec 6 pos tube, but the A5 truly is superior. But the barrel steel cmv, port sizes, chambers are pretty much all the same.

We also offer a hammer forged option on all rifles…personally, I think the modern QPQ process on the right steel makes that a bit pointless outside of very specific applications. They use SS on match barrels. We use R… is arguably a better steel. Where we really start to differ is in end user options. You can order any gun we build with any trigger we offer installed. You can order with any furniture you want, any cerakote you want, multiple charging handle options, multiple muzzle device options, multiple rail options, Vltor Mur upgrades etc… You can build the exact rifle you want from the start.

What do you think about the daniel defense m4 v11 slw versus the bcm recce kmr 14? Also, do you like the new dangel defense furniture? Or would you change it out for some other stuff? Not sure if you gave my email address,but could you email me?

I appreciate the kind words. BCM vs Daniel Defense. The matched upper and lowers, the cold hammer forged barrels… all made in house. That means DD wins. Now the question is Which DD? The A1 or the V Very similar guns all things considered but the biggest difference comes down to do you like Quad Rails or Keymod?

I dislike quad rails and will opt for something different every time. Feels solid for being so light in the hands, and it feels good in the hands because of not having quad rails.

The V11 hands down. Like nothing on earth could break my grip from them. I fired off a DD a couple weeks ago at a range. The feel, build, and smooth firing led me to look into this brand a little more.

For whatever reason, not much has been highlighted about the V11 around the web but then I found your blog here. Any comments would be helpful. I bought an Eagle Arms Div.

Seems to be fairly accurate. It an entry level AR. Any comment on this rifle? Qualities I am looking for -Reliability, something built to last for a very long time. It would be nice if the weight of the weapon was such that it could be carried for distance without feeling too cumbersome. For that much — get a SCAR. Or save some money and go Daniel Defense and with the money you save — get an Aim Point to put on it, and a case of ammo to go with it.

Seriously — those guns are just not worth the money they are asking for them. Though they seems nice, and has good stuff in it. You seem very informed and lay out your information in a very concise manner. Just got into shooting again after a 10 year hiatus. Too busy partying and chasing girls ha ha. Just recently purchased a DD M4A1 2 months ago. I love how it handles and shoots. Almost no recoil and deadly accurate right out the box.

I already want another one. Both have a 16 inch barrel. I know the SS is a bit more accurate. But barrel does wear out quicker. The Noveske is about or more than the DD. Is it that much better built to justify the price? Probably gonna setup the new gun with an Aimpoint or a decent scope. In my opinion, the Noveske is a very good rifle. You know how expensive shooting gets. I recently discovered bulkammo. And ordered a case rounds of 55 gr PMC. It shoots well at my local range. Ive never had a round not fire and cycle out.

And bought a case of the 62 gr PMC strictly for home protection. What do you like to use for range practice and or personal defense? Best 2 year old blog post ever! The comment thread is great. And I can get you a great deal on one: Though there is not much concensous on no.

Very good info and appreciated. You need an AR for every purpose. All things being equal, which rifle is going to be inherently more accurate: My money is on the Daniel Defense.

Because Cold Hammer Forging is more consistent than button rifling. Does the true monolithic one-piece upper and rail not being connected to the barrel nut on the Colt , give it an accuracy advantage over the DD or any non-monolithic upper rifle?

Is any rail system attached to a barrel nut, less accurate by 1 Effecting the the free float barrel, and 2 Less stable than a single metal piece with the upper?

I have read somewhere that Colt claims their heavier proprietary barrel nut on the adds to accuracy. Would that likely be true? Yet even though, as you said, the DD with the better barrel probably win out on potential accuracy in this case? Thanks for all your time and advise. What does effect accuracy is barrel harmonics and consistency. A Free Float Barrel is one way to improve consistency. That would be like DELL saying their computers are faster if you plug them into the upper power socket in your wall.

There products are full of new innovations and extremely well put together. Their earlier versions had a large rail but the newer versions are slimmed down to match DDs size. Besides who else makes a in the same frame as a Your just biased because of the rail system.

I am local to them here in NC and it seems like a very decent build. Looking for advice before pulling the trigger. Thanks in advance i know this thread is old. I really like the BPM rifles. They are up there with what Crusader Weaponry was putting out… almost. Not in the slightest. Aside from the obvious with LWRC fully ambi controls and being piston driven, which is the better rifle and would you make the swap? I can make the changes to the DD to be where I want it with new trigger kind of gritty and new charging handle.

Pat Rogers ran a BCM over 40, filthy 14 rounds with very little to no cleaning and no major parts breakage.. True, Although My only complaint with DD is the large gas port otherwise they might make my top Im a little weird in that i will let a companies politics effect my opinion too..

BCM has cut contracts with LE before due to certain areas not letting civilians own Ar15s…i like that alot. Ogre, thanks so much for a great thread and years of following it. A couple of questions after going through it. Also, you mentioned a new trigger coming out at shot show…can you give us any hints as to what will be special about it?

So I will not offer hints. But I remain enthusiastic about it. Including the MM, which is priced well. Christensen CF barrels have never impressed me. Christensen has never impressed me for what you pay for it.

I have a few stripped lowers and am considering building a rifle mainly using DD parts except for 2 things: My thought, is I want my BCG to match who made my chamber. Troy builds good stuff, if you like that handguard better, I see no reason not to use it.

Do you want 1x or do you want more magnification and how much? My TOP 5, Starting at the top and working down: My favorite new rifle on the market that meets this criteria: So if I had to pick just one rifle, that would be it.

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