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😋 101 Fun Things To Do Online When You’re Bored

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Visit the erotic forums online to share, chat, and discover new adult material. Understand how people read online! Did you know you are among the very few fortunate people who actually READ the article till here? Click here to know more about the reading habits of digital people! HelloComic is the cool place for this cool idea! Read something as famous as Marvel comics or simply read One Punch man.

No matter how silly or cool it is, just pen down your ideas in a poetic form! I try this since I was 10 and I used to post them on AllPoetry. I once went too crazy and posted two childish poems over there.

See if you can find them! I love this, and as you can see, this blog is the result of this thing! Want to let your crush know about your feelings secretly? You can even give this a twist and write open letters about something you feel strongly and then submit it to a blog. This section is so creative that you will forget to get out of your PC.

After all, you can be assured that while having fun on the internet, you are not going to waste time! Make paper cranes, butterflies, and what not! There are dozens of websites and hundreds of videos for this!

Once you get hold of it, race against time and try to solve it within a minute. The internet has dozens of videos and tutorials to help you out! Note that your dollar will remain completely intact and just will undergo some foldings. Learn a new language. I personally did this and learnt a bit of Spanish online! You can do this too! Duolingo is a good place to begin. Surprisingly, there exists a whole website solely to teach juggling. Click here to visit the resource. Because I love it!

I prefer Codecademy for this. Learn to play a musical instrument online. Did I go too creative? There exist websites that can teach you to play a piano, or even a guitar online! Go to ZebraKeys for piano, and JustinGuitar for learning guitar online. I know you will need a pen and ink for this, but you can still learn the basics online. Click here to get started. Learn the correct way to type.

Do you actually know how to type correctly? Palmistry is the art of understanding lines of hand and analyzing their meaning. To be honest, the resources over the web are not that good for learning Palmistry. Learn to play pranks! Click here to read some good pranks! Shake your feet, wave your hands and get ready to dance! Click here to start learning! Anybody can, if he learns! I think the official Android Developer Section would be a good place to begin. An average human being can read at a speed of around words per minute WPM.

Spreeder is a free online tool which lets you read at the speed of WPM, i. If you prepare a new recipe and want someone to taste it, you can surely invite me! I often use this technique to satisfy my tongue: So go ahead, find a channel, get some popcorn and watch the videos! Learn basic self defence. Lifehacker has got a great article on this! Get a list of learning ideas! I kept the best stuff aside for this section!

It contains the weirdest of the fun things to do online. If you are good at taking surveys, inviting friends or can download apps and games, Points2Shop can let you get anything for FREE from the Amazon store or take straightaway cash!

By configuring Windows Speech Recognition with custom commands, and adding a simple Rainmeter theme , you can make it a reality. Click here for the tutorial! Chat with a bot! Cleverbot is just as it sounds! A clever bot which can respond to whatever you type! Clever bot always is! If I had a hell lot of leisure time in my pockets, I would spend at least half of it hanging around at these games websites!

I love MiniClip the most for playing games! I know you enjoyed it till here. Sharing this article would be beneficial to me, your friends and also YOU! Firstly, I will be benefited as my article will get better exposure. Secondly, your friends will get around hundred ideas to kill boredom online, and most importantly, your friends will thank you for sharing a crazy list!

A good way to increase your reputation and likes too! Take an IQ test online! Take an Intelligence Quotient IQ test and see who is the smartest among your friends. Love to see cute cats?

Search for anything on Google Images Search and get thousands of pictures! Its sometimes fun to have a Facebook page with thousands of likes where you can speak yourself out, and even brag to your friends!

I too love having profiles and pages with thousands of active followers and likers and guess what? I am already working for it! Funology has got a lot of them! I love brain teasers more than riddles! And I love SharpBrains for providing me with those! I love quizzes more than Brain Teasers! I think I should stick to OnlineQuizPortal! Microsoft has built a fun tool called FaceMyAge, which guesses your age from the picture!

When there are e-commerce stores like Amazon and Ebay, how can you be bored online? There are a hell lot of ways to have fun on Google. Take a personality quiz! Not much to say on this topic!

Click here and begin! Make some money online! Click here for some guidance! Quora is my favourite place to get some breathtaking answers to questions and also build my brand. Its a lot more than just a Question-Answer community! Quora has a great user base which will make you come back for more! Get early access to updates of your favourite apps! Just become a beta tester of that app! Most apps would write about this in their app description itself.

For example, Facebook and Google Chrome Android offer beta testing! Use APKMirror to get early access to updates of almost every popular app!

Bored of Googling the same way? Download some cool wallpapers for your desktop, laptop and smartphone and customize them! How far did you like this article? By the way, I hope that now you have enough ideas to have fun on the internet!

Create your own standing desk: Create a standing desk and use your desktop while you stand! This idea is slowly being adapted into offices! Click here for complete tutorial….

Want to create a fake news and make it viral? Want to feature yourself online? Do a random Google search: Think about a topic, search it on Google. Know all the Windows Run Commands: How many run commands to you know?

Learning those commands is good because they are great time savers. Click here for the complete list! The below YouTube video teaches you how to draw a perfect circle by just using your hands! Canva is a great place to create, customize and edit images and documents to make them more beautiful!

The best place for a non-designer to design! Create your own search engine! Click here to create! Test your sense of humour! Create a MEME and make it viral on reddit.

Learn a Magic Trick: Be it card, coin, mind reading or anything else, the Internet is there to help you out! Learn a rare trick, preferably from YouTube and amaze your friends! Are you a Psycho? Find out yourself by clicking here! Shout out on trends! Open Twitter to see the trends. Now tweet on that trend and increase your profile visibility! Flirt in another language! Google for some awesome pickup lines and I assure you that you will get that girl!

I am not telling you to throw a pizza at your Mom! Have a virtual food fight with your friends at FoodFighting! Computer addict like me? Take a small eye test online to determine whether or not you need to visit your eye specialist! Pick a topic, type forum after that name and search it on Google! You now have a list of great forums to join, entertain and educate yourself! Take up challenges on social media! Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge? Take up a similar challenge or even better, introduce your own challenge and nominate your friends!

Watch 3D movies on your system! Tired of same old 2D stuff? You can watch any movie or video in 3D if you have a free 3D app and 3D glasses you can create a pair! Click here for a nice tutorial. Create your personalized card! PrintVenue lets you create your personalized visiting cards, mugs etc.!

PhotoShop is indeed hard for many. Try any of those free tools available on the Web, like Picasa! Or learn PhotoShop from YouTube. Or following Vin Diesel? There are fan clubs for almost every celeb! Create your own Google Cardboard: Get 3D experience for cheap! Click here for a quick how-to! Find out how much emotionally intelligent you are! Click here to take an EQ test! Add your life story on the web! Create your personal page on the internet! Use it for branding yourself or maybe just for fun!

You can even use it as a portfolio. I want to give you a big big thanks for making it till the end!

Find the good stuff, faster — from books to YouTube.

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#4 PrivateVPN. PrivateVPN is a reliable VPN provider that offers a perfect solution to unbanning Omegle accounts. It has a whole host of plus points that make it . Edit Article How to Get Unbanned from Omegle. Two Methods: Getting a New Public IP Address Using a VPN Service Community Q&A Omegle can be a rowdy place, but bans can come when you least expect them. If you don't have the patience to wait out your ban, you can try to force a new IP address from your internet service provider. Omegle is a good web-based chat site which you can talk with can meet with many people there and you can have new friends from site. However some times you can’t connect to server on the site. We are going .