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Light Weight Antivirus Resource Overview

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By default, Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition scans and cleans your system using only the resources that you, your software or your operating system are not using, thus achieving near-zero impact on your activities. I think this is on purpose from Microsoft directly, to discourage peoples to use KAV, due to politics reasons. I have a low-spec netbook too! Contact News Letter Privacy Disclaimer. I don't know why are you saying it drinks your memory. Shaurya G October 19, Im currently testing total security with only cloud engines in realtime and Performance preset chosen.

Lightweight Protection for older OS

6 Best Top Light Weight Antivirus Software Apps for Windows 10, 7, 8, XP

Avast is the number one platform for antivirus and anti-malware protection you must have on your Mac or Windows. Avast helps million people across the globe to protect their files. The download is done in 3 easy steps: Run, Confirm and Follow the instructions.

Avast also provides various other products for security scanning and network security. This is on the top of the list for antivirus software. This is the first name recommended by any professional seeking free and immediate security software.

In the case of Linux, an initial registration gives you a free trial of 30 days for non—commercial usage. It has an ideal working set of 9, KB and resets every 10 seconds for a scan working set. Panda Cloud Antivirus claims responsible for detecting more than million threats. This is a light antivirus based on cloud computing, but powerful enough to protect your PC. With built-in parental control and location service, this malware software takes care of your PC without exploding your memory usage.

It has an ideal working set of 31, KB and a scan working set of 76, KB. Microsoft Security Essentials products provide protection against malware in Windows The built-in security software in all Windows 10 Pc help to guard against viruses and protect files from attacks.

It presents a real-time protection for your PCs and is free. Windows 10 defender is a lightweight antivirus, which is built into the Windows 10 system, has a neat detection ratio and uses less CPU and RAM. The Windows Defender software performed admirably well at the malware detection rate by scoring over Furthermore, the less intrusive interface is something which surely deserves some credit.

It uses a memory of 4. For those who want basic security for their Windows 10 PC, Windows Defender is definitely the way to go.

This wonderful lightweight antivirus ensures that none of your files are left detached and is protected from further attacks. Does not require any signature updates and needs only a small space on the disk compared to the others. Log into this wondrous site, to get a taste of trial version of the varied products. This lightweight security software installation takes place within the blink of an eye and scans quicker than the blink. The performance is something which stands out from other protection software.

Webroot takes up an initial memory 3MB which is a rough estimate. Initial installation memory is about KB. Originating from Finland, this anti-malware software is the first antivirus software to establish a presence on the World Wide Web. This antivirus software has a neat image when considered on the basis of malware blocking test. Fast scan, quick erasing of a virus are some of the rainbow features it has.

ESET is global level malware protection software that is known for its products for nearly two decades. Although certain reports give rash comments about easily hacking into this software, the range of products ESET delivers is of quality and can be trusted. This anti-malware software is giving out free products for Windows. MAC as well as Linux. This lightweight antivirus roughly takes 24 MB to install initially.

I should add that you do not need to schedule full system scans using any AVs. That is a complete waste of resources. With Avira Free all you have to do is perform a single full system scan, then afterwards just keep real-time protection enabled. With real-time protection enabled, anything introduced to the system that is detected by Avira will be handled by real-time protection and not a system scan.

This is how real-time protection is designed to work in all AVs. It increases security while at the same time decreases resource consumption. Avira Free may slow down your system boot, but it should not degrade system performance during typical use at the desktop using real-time protection. If you feel that you need it, then I would perform a full system scan once in a while during idle times. It's kind of tough to come up with a solution that will make a huge improvement for you.

Joined Sep 25, Messages Hello, I think avast could be good, just try and see if it's good but you're right avira is not that good for a low spec computer: Joined Sep 12, Messages Joined Oct 22, Messages 4, I have a low-spec netbook too! Only, with Windows Defender, you have to deal with system lags when opening a folder full of exes. With paid, two antiviruses I found most light: Take the Webroot key mentioned above!

For free products, Avira free is indeed one of the lightest but it can be a little hog while doing scan ot update tasks. Another option would be Avast free with only file shield checked during installation. No other shields, no other tools, no avast NG safe virtual machine I think they call it. Whatsmore, Panda free AV can be a good solution too, although it's internet connection dependent like Webroot Try them and make your choice.

For paid, Eset and Webroot SecureAnywhere a continuous internet connection is required for this. Joined Feb 21, Messages Qihoo is very light free AV specially when using cloud engine only at default, if you need offline protection enable BD or Avira engine. Panda Free AV is not totally a heavy program, actually its rely more on cloud and stores few generic signatures for offline.

The process takes it automatically with an internet connectivity. Well with simplicity setup hence you are sure to have no worry to make configuration too complex and time consume maintainance.

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If you’re looking for an antivirus that is light on memory during idle and scanning, here are the top 5 antivirus that you might find useful for your slow computer. Remember, light doesn’t mean better detection rate, vice verse, heavy on memory usage doesn’t mean it is a good antivirus either. Avast is free and has a "game mode" which makes it use very few resources and stay in the background. It is not a good as it used to be, . However, when I uninstalled the antivirus I was using, the problem was food-combination.ga! First I had AVG and then i had Avast. So I want to know which antivirus should I install that is light on resources but won’t compromise my security.