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BT accused of throttling broadband
I have a 4mbps WiFi router and my internet is constantly throttled…I watch YouTube 12hrs a day a bit much and after my internet goes from kbps to kbps keep in mind this is uncapped and if someone could please walk me through on how to make sure my internet always stays constant… And if so can I do it on tablet so my tablet always has fast internet! Not just throttling and it also affects my gaming online and other online stuff. December 17, at 9: Even if you're a short-timer with just days left on your contract you have to re-up for a year and a half. And by slower i mean kbps. Leave a Response Cancel reply Comment. October 9, at 8:

ISP disputes New York Times report into broadband throttling

How to stop torrent throttling

Since speed is your primary concern, we picked the fastest VPN providers for this list. They control their own massive fiber optic network instead of just renting servers like other VPN providers.

Read our Review of IPVanish to see all the features they offer, or just Visit their website to sign up! They currently have VPN servers in over 70 countries. Read our review of HideMyAss for the full details. They know what their customers want, and they tailor their service to fit that. Our hands-on review takes a closer look at their features, or you can just visit PIA and see for yourself. Sir i need your help.. Unfortunately it sounds like your actual internet connection is kbps and they give you extra bandwidth for youtube.

The only solution is to upgrade your plan. I have a 1mbps connection, but i want to bypass the throttling and get access to the speed given in heigher plans from my ISP. My broadband connection is a static IP connection. As for android there http injector where you can mimic header of YouTube then channel all internet to your mobile phone.

I subscribed to Lte unlimited data plan for a month, usually I get download speed of 7 to 20 Mbps.. Now they throttled my speed and get kbps the whole day. Is there a way to bypass or stop them ISP from doing it? They said they would only do it at specific times of days peak hours and only on crowded cell towers. One of the early successes was this one: He actually built a free website showing people how to do the same thing. Actually, Megabytes and Megabits are two different things.

Download speed is measured in bytes and sales people tend to put it in bits to make it seem bigger. But it only equals kilobytes. It is really lame that companies do this but they do. So a 2 mbps plan is really only a kilobyte per second plan. Dont confuse mega bits for mega bytes. All ISPs offer in Mbps mega bits per sec. So technically the download speed you are sourcing is correct. Their is a difference between, Mbps mega- bits per second and MBps mega-bytes per second.

You are getting 1. Yes almost any VPN with bit encryption or stronger should be capable of preventing throttlign assuming your VPN is fast enough to keep up with your ISP connection speed. I dont care much about the torrent clients, but I absolutely NEED OneDrive to work effortlessly to manage my files over multiple devices. I recently changed my laptop and am trying to sync my online drive with my laptop files.

Today I managed MB in almost 10hours. Is there a work around to this? Are you syncing via browser or does onedrive have standalone software. Is the onedrive specifically used for office work or personal use? If you do require it for work, you should absolutely contact your IT department to troubleshoot the issue.

This will allow you to see if a VPN can fix your issue, before you actually spend any money on a subscription. If your connection is normally good for most activities, and then very slow for others like watching videos then a VPN would likely solve the problem.

I have a 4mbps WiFi router and my internet is constantly throttled…I watch YouTube 12hrs a day a bit much and after my internet goes from kbps to kbps keep in mind this is uncapped and if someone could please walk me through on how to make sure my internet always stays constant… And if so can I do it on tablet so my tablet always has fast internet! My internet plan is 4mbps and i get almost like kbps download speed. But when i download more than 35gb, it cut down my download speed and i get kbps.

In this case does VPN help? You can always try a free VPN service like http: Andy, This does sound like textbook throttling, in which case a VPN would definitely help.

I recommend trying out http: You can also try this free online test: Hey mate, our company recently changed to VOIP and we use the the same internet connection for our staff. The trading platform uses a lot of resources but it would the seems the amount of requests we are placing is causing the ISP to throttle for that particular program….

In general, what you described does sound like throttling, except for the fact that sometimes the data connection drops completely. That sounds unusual and makes me suspect that it may either be an internal networking issue firewall, port forwarding, etc or possibly and issue with the data service you use. Also, is this a business class internet plan?

Throttling is common on residential internet plans, but definitely not the norm for business broadband plans. To rule out a local networking issue, you could try to plug a workstation running the trading platform directly into your router with an ethernet cable directly into your modem would be better but obviously you would have to temporarily disconect your router from the modem which may not be feasible.

Also temporarily disable any antivirus software on your computer. If the platform functions fine with this new setup, then you probably have a networking issue. Also worth considering…a VPN will add a small amount of latency to your internet connection, so if your trading strategy relies on speed as an execution advantage counted in milliseconds, a VPN may not be optimal.

If you mean that you are only allowed 50GB of total data transfer per month and afterwords your internet speeds are capped at 1mbps…in this case a VPN will not help, because the overall speed of your connection is being restricted, not just specific ports or programs. The only way to improve your speeds is to switch internet providers or upgrade your plan.

Hello there, My ISP gives us a plan where by when subscribed, one gets a mb data to be used on 3G. When the data is over, you can continue using the connection but now in 2G. So the speed drops. Can a VPN help? VPN encryption requires extra data which will make you hit your cap sooner. Hello I am uing broadband of kilobytespersecond unlimited one… Previously I could stream all sorts of videos in speeds like kilobytespersecond and more but now I can only stream YouTube videos around kilobytespersecond but all others less that kilobytespersecond.

I think your connection is too slow to use a VPN it would slow you down even more. I get 2 mb when using it for regular websites. The problem is when I try to use torrent services and my xbox services. Right after disconnecting those services the internet seems to reestablish again. Sounds like throttling some sites are fast, others are slow.

Try a VPN and see if it improves your torrent speeds. Most mobile ISPs cap total hotspot data transfer, not the speeds. Not sure if a VPN would fix the issue or not. Take advantage of a free trial or free VPN app and test it out. There are numerous VPNs available for Android. If your ISP says unlimited bandwidth with no FUP and they are throttling you they could be open to class-action style lawsuits there have been several of those against carriers in the US. Take advantage of a VPN trial offer and see if it improves your speed.

If so, then how.. The first week it worked perfectly. From the second week, during the peak time early evening , video sreaming freezes evey two seconds.

I called up my ISP and they advised me to disable router firewall. That worked for three days and now it is the same problem agains. I connected the box via ethernet cable directly to the router and have an unlimited broadband with speed of upto 38mbps. During the peak time, the speed that I get is at least 25mbps. Reading your notes at the top of the page, I assume my broadband speed is throttled.

Can VPN help me to resolve this issue? I have already spend good money on IPTV box and bought a year subscribtion in advance knowing what usage and speed is my broadband but now I am stuck. If would be very helpful if I could rectify the issue. If you connected directly to the router via ethernet and speeds were still dropping dramatically at peak times, then yes you are almost certainly being throttled.

A VPN should be able to fix the problem. I have the uncap plan with MTN 3G. They throttle my speed after 3GB to kbps regardless of the site I use. In rare occasions they will not throttle my connection until I unplug my modem. Is there any way to block the throttle.

I am currently using a Android mobile as a modem. Paid services are capable of speeds mbps depending on the provider and server location. Hi, I have a 4Mbps unlimited DSL plan but they have seriously throttled my downloads over the social networking site Vk.

Now my download speed never exceeds 20kbps a real pain in the ass whereas previously I would easily get over kbps. Do you know if Vk. I doubt you could switch external port used to access Vk. Your ISP will be unable to tell which traffic is being routed to Vk. First, Thanks for providing us with this information …. You could try a different server location or provider.

There are many VPNs that allow multiple simultaneous connections , some up to 5 or 6. This is almost certainly the right speed.

Speedtests are usually measured in megabits. There are 8 megabits to a megaBYTE, so your 1. Good Day sir i got thottled while i was live streaming i normaly get 60 download speed and 5 upload speed is there anyway to fix that now i get 1 download and 3 upload.

I just purchased a 3G data sim saying that i will get speeds up to 21mbps….. At first i was getting speeds upto 19mbps but now sometimes this speed drops to 68kbps and somtimes like in the afternoon it goes up to 17mbps.

I dont know what the prob. I tried to reset my router but it did nothing. Any idea about the solution. O… And sometimes i get download speeds upto18mbps but after a while the download has started it decreases upto 37mbps. I am planning to change the router. Many mobile networks reduce bandwidth at peak hours. If some sites are fast and others slow then a VPN would help, if everything is slow then your only fix might be to switch providers.

I have an unlimited 4G data plan grandfathered from years ago and they recently started throttling speeds for unlimited users. I bought a 1mbps uncapped token. Woked fine the first two days, then the speed went wayyyy down and never really got better. Like it takes 2min to load something basic like facebook feed. I live in south africa and there is no real service regarding customer service. It sounds like the bandwidth cap is a hard cap, and they throttle all sites and services after the cap is met, so a VPN will do no good and would actually use up your bandwidth faster.

I need help, i think my ISP is throttling my entire internet, not just for downloads, and so far a vpn has not fixed it. Plug your computer directly into your modem and see if speeds are normal or still slow. If still slow, then yes a VPN should fix the issue. I find this unfair because he keeps on denying it as i logged into the router and saw my specific automatic ips were under an alias which was limiting my access.

Many higher-end routers have QOS quality of service software that allows the owner to control bandwidth device. Then change your static IP to a different address if yours is Hi, our ISP offers an internet service whereby after subscribing, you get 2gb data at full speed but when it is over, you get Facebook, twitter and Gmail at full speed and other websites at kbps.

Can i use VPN to remove capping from other sites? Tough to tell without trying. My guess is it will actually make things worse and cause all sites to be throttled to kbps including facebook, twitter, gmail. So do u think that my service provider has blocked my torrent? Either that or you may have a port forwarding issue. Try plugging your computer directly into your modem and see if it makes a difference in your speeds.

Hi guys i have 16 Mb unlimited data plan. Sometimes the speed is off the charts and sometimes when doing a big download like, 2.

If not, what will? My isp throttles all other internet traffic except for facebook. Facebook downloads can go upto KBps but anything else other than that is just but 30kbps. My current download max speed is about 1. When im supposedly paying for 40mbps??? My internet plan is rated at 30 Mbps down. I do some streaming with the devices and was looking for a vpn provider. That would reduce my average download speed to 7. Are there any other options?

Closer to 20mbps if you use bit encryption. The difference between the 68U and a single-core router like the 66u is massive. I was barely able to get 13Mbps on the single core router. Hi there, i think my service provider is fooling me. But actual issue is, when i started using their service plan was same 1mbps and actual download speed was kbps! Please tell me, is he fooling me? How can i see if my ip is restricted to the internet speed,because i live in a house and the internet speed is like mb,but i receive like 5 mb,please help me.

Unfortunately your connection is probably too slow to benefit from a VPN. I would say 2Mbps would be the minimum connection speed for VPN use. On the laptop too browsing is very fast but downloading anything is a pain and speedtest shows speed of only 1. I want to ask if i download a VPN app on my phone will the speed of hotspot also increase?? Many unlimited LTE providers to throttle specific data uses, like torrents.

Yes, I think a VPN would help in your case. First month, Monday to Saturday day time download speed is around 10Mbps, night time speed is drop to 2Mbps, Sunday, full day 2Mbps. Now, my download speed is 2Mbps fullday, but i found sometime speed reach 10Mbps after 1am.

Most ISPs do throttle, especially in Australia. Your ISPs are notorious for it. Sir, my ISP sends this message to me when im over a certain data limit Hi! We noticed that your data usage today has been really high then reduces my internet speed. Probably not, other than upgrading to a subscription with no bandwidth limits. You can try a VPN and see if it defeats the temporary speed limiting.

Whether it works depends on your ISPs throttling technology. TWC throttles my internet from 50mbps down to 1mbps or less after late hours of the night. I have to chat with outsourced employees half a world away who basically stall me with technical jazz while the man in the back plugs me back in and magically after resetting my router its back up to pushing 60 mbps… Am I delusional? Is it possible you have an older router and it could be overwhelmed by too many connections during the course of the day?

Usually peak throttling time is between pm when most people are home and awake. I have a 40gb wifi plan when this 40 gb is used up the internet speed is drastically slowed down. Will vpn help to speed it up after it is finished. Or is there some way i can make the isp not know the amount of data i use. You have a hard data cap, not selective throttling of certain internet uses. Router speed just means how fast your internal home network is.

But you will still be limited to whatever speeds your internet provider offers. I used to play some online games a few years ago, one of these games was an oversees production. There were many South Korean and Japanese playing the game, and I once decided to ask them about their internet speeds I learned a small amount of Chinese while playing the game.

Which is why they seemed so much faster and efficient in game. Is it just plain greed? In the USA, the entire data infrastructure is privately owned by for-profit companies. Also, most regions are served by only providers monopoly or oligopoly so providers engage in price-fixing to create artificially high prices. Unfortunately it will likely get worse under the current administration as consumer protection agencies are being gutted.

I believe I am being throttled as my service provider is known for being sneaky when it comes to data. Based in South Africa. Message 2 of Thought it might be a good idea to do a test now and give you my hub stats and then post them again later. Message 3 of Message 4 of Message 5 of Message 6 of Message 7 of Message 8 of Message 9 of Message 10 of Wouldn't let me copy and paste so just did a screen shot.

BT Basic broadband cap.

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Do BT Throttle Internet Connections? The reason I ask this is because lately I have noticed that my Broadband speed goes down from a consistant 8 meg speed to a crawl during peak hours. Obviously can't give you a test result at the moment but I thought I would ask this and then post my speeds later on this evening. Re: Broadband Throttling Its fine now but come night time, when i use p2p my network starts getting laggy which interferes with my online stuff. This is only happening because of BT traffic Management system (Throttling). Some Internet service providers slow down certain types of traffic, like BitTorrent traffic. Other ISPs slow down their customers’ connections if they download too much data in a month. We’ve all heard the rumors, and even seen occasional evidence.