How to delete browsing history on iPad

How to see your Google location history

How to delete your Google location history on iPhone and iPad
Tap Clear Private Data. If you are sure to erase all Safari history or google history on your iPad, simply type "delete" on the box to confirm your action and then hit the "Erase Now" button again to delete them permanently. Though several ways are listed in the above to clear search history on iPad, it can't help permanently remove Google search history on iPad. Forums Shop Toggle Search. Then when I got a phishing scam message I knew that I didn't want to click on anything, but I didn't understand any of the other help articles. After selecting each one you will get warning messages that say you may be deleting login information.

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How To Delete History on iPad – Chrome and Safari

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How to Delete Google Search History on iPad Pro, Air/mini/4/3/2?

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Method Two. How to Clear Google Browsing History on iPad Permanently. If you only need to delete history on iPad outwardly, then the first method can satisfy your needs completely. But if you need to leave no opportunity to restore the deleted safari data, then you need to turn to a professional data erasing software for iPad - iPad Data Eraser. . All you need to do to see your Google location history is to head to your Google Maps Timeline. If you're on a mobile device with the Google Maps app installed, this link will take you to your location history inside the Google Maps app. How to delete your entire location history in Google Maps for iPhone and iPad. Open the Google Maps app on . Just like many other browser features, your Google search history is stored on your iPad until you remove it. While this may seem unimportant, it is actually quite risky to keep that history stored on your device. Method 2: Clear Google Search History on iPad through Settings (Recoverable) If you are only running Safari, the option is built.