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ES File Explorer is right up there as one of the best file managers on Android, especially as it works nicely with network shares and even cloud storage as well. Even a simple task like watching your favorite shows on tv has changed into a more advanced technology. If you have a few selected favorite tv shows, movies, music or even games on your mobile and you have always wanted to watch them on the large, HD screen of your TV, you can do it now with the help of Chromecast. Now choose the option of Chromecast. Retrieved October 22, Your Chromecast uses your Google Account to personalize your experience.

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Another quality Chromecast-enabled game is RISK: Global Domination, a free-to-play app version of the famously competitive board game. Up to six players can cast their shadow across the world, building empires and defeating enemy armies. Chromecast enabled apps help you stream movies, music and videos to your TV from your Pixel phone, Google Pixelbook or other device. Aug 22,  · With the Google Home app, you can set up and control your Chromecast, Google Home and other Assistant speakers.* Discover Get the most out of your devices with the latest features, tips and offers. Browse One place to browse and play your available music, TV shows and films from the services that you love/5(K).