How to Flush and Reset the DNS Cache in Windows 10

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How To Flush The DNS Cache In Windows
Double-click on it to open its Properties box. Double-click the service and click Start. Keep up the great work! So your info was much appreciated. It's extra important to try this if you've had any problems with your hard drive or if you have had a virus or malware infection on your PC. Clear-Dns Server Cache Module:

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To clear your DNS cache if you use Windows 8, perform the following steps: On your keyboard, press Win+X to open the WinX Menu. Right-click Command Prompt and select Run as Administrator. Steps to Flush BIND Server DNS Cache Similar to nscd and dnsmasq, to flush DNS cache in BIND simply requires a restart to clear the cache. Step 1 – Enter “# /etc/init.d/named restart” followed by pressing the “enter” or “return” key/5(23). Windows 8 / Windows Flushing the DNS cache on Windows 8 and Windows is a very easy process. Due to system security permissions, you must ensure that you run the command prompt as an administrator user.