Do VPNs Still Work in China? (as of September 2018)

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7 Best VPNs for China for Travelers and Residents – Verified List of Working VPNs in Sep 2018
Good — Support staff offers live chat round the clock. However, it is not as reliable as ExpressVPN, especially on poor quality connections. This was because VPNs allowed users to bypass the content filtering implemented through GSW and also escaped the prying eyes of Chinese surveillance. In summary, below is a list of the VPN services that we currently recommend:. Although VyprVPN does not offer routers with pre-installed software, it does offer an application so that you can install it on your router. Yes VPN do work in China.

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The Top VPN for China: How to access Facebook and Whatsapp behind the Great Wall

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Best VPNs for China:

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Best VPN China | NordVPN1 Month Plan - $/month - Simple Plan - View more items. Do VPNs still work in China? This is one of the most common questions I have been getting from people who are looking to travel or move to China in A lot of the concern stems from reports last year that China would be cracking down on VPN usage, specifically the ban that was supposed to happen on March 31, Even though the four VPN generally work well in China, every place is different. One VPN can work better than another in Shanghai but worse in Changsha, so it is important to have the opportunity to test the VPN before making a year commitment. Apart from VPNArea, all the VPN we recommend offer 30 days of money back guarantee.