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Re: Are VPN (Vitrual Private Network) connections possible using Optus Cable & CG3000 Router

Optus Wireless IP VPN
Optus Evolve delivers a range of improvements that can help enhance your business's performance: Optus Evolve is a national IP network which supports the latest converged services, like unified communications or video services, so you can launch advanced applications to help your business grow. Contact a Business Specialist Contact us now. Global Roaming I'm traveling to Simplify your existing network by switching to Optus Evolve. In fact, Optus is remarkably 'silent' on this topic, which is only adding fuel to the 'suspicion' that is growing in me.

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This enables customers to identify end devices via its assigned IP address to help simplify the development of wireless applications providing the ability to perform network and server initiated connections to end devices. End user authentication is not required, this option is limited to the dynamically assigned IP addressing option only. In most cases for new service activation a new SIM card will be supplied by Optus with the required provisioning.

No, this allows you to access the best possible mobile network speeds supported by your mobile device and are available in your area; we do not throttle the speeds once plan limits are reached.

However, Optus does charge for excess usage. Standard plan international data roaming rates will apply. Use our Global Roaming tool on the left to view what roaming services are available in different countries. All current Optus Mobile 4G devices fall back to work on the Optus 3G mobile network if, for any reason, the 4G Plus network is unavailable. For example, a user can download corporate data more quickly than on the 3G mobile network. Check the handset or device user guide, or check the manufacturer's website, looking up the model number.

Businesses are increasingly using wireless technologies in areas that traditionally depended on fixed-line services. Global Roaming I'm traveling to Network Connectivity Two Network Connectivity options are available depending on your current private IP data network implementation: Compatibility - Works with most data-capable mobile devices in the market. Eliminate duplicate processes and improve end device resource management via the use of an network integrated RADIUS Server Reduce data entry errors by enabling data to be entered directly from the field Remove the need for potentially expensive fixed line installations Optus WIP VPN provides a number of security features, including: A range of Optus mobile network compatible customer supplied machine-to-machine modems.

Compatible mobile enabled Smartphone's and Tablets. The following IPSec configuration options are supported: End User Authentication Options None: Do you have rate plans that incorporate throttling? What happens if 4G is not available? Data carried over the 3G or 4G Plus mobile networks is charged at the same rate. How can I tell that the device is getting 4G speeds? Share information between your business sites with reliable, flexible and affordable connections.

Global Roaming I'm traveling to Built for convergence - Application-aware. End-to-end Quality of Service QoS.

Flexible - Modular network design. Add more modules as your business needs change: Available via a variety of access types and routing protocols. Simple to manage - Simple configuration choices. Single reporting platform with advanced usage and QoS reporting.

Connect new sites via standard Ethernet. Bundled port and access pricing - with accurate and comprehensible bills Optus Direct Link for AWS is available for direct connection to Amazon Web Services instead of connecting via the internet.

Simplify your network design - 'Design once, deliver many times' philosophy behind Evolve IP VPN means organisations can add new locations without having to restructure existing network architectures. Consistent Ethernet delivery for all accesses ensures that businesses can maintain a single design for all sites.

Flexibility - Modular design lets businesses add or change services as required. Quality of Service QoS , for business grade access services, so business application delivery can be prioritised.

Optus Evolve is a national IP network which supports the latest converged services, like unified communications or video services, so you can launch advanced applications to help your business grow. The modular design of the Optus Evolve network makes it simpler to add new sites and services, or upgrade capacity, to meet your changing business needs. Enhanced reporting through a single online tool, the eCare portal, makes it easy for your IT department to manage and optimise your network.

Billing has been simplified with charges on a site-by-site basis. What are the potential benefits of Optus Evolve? Optus Evolve delivers a range of improvements that can help enhance your business's performance: It is a 'new generation network' that replaces multiple legacy technologies with a single, easy-to-manage network platform It is designed to easily deliver converged business applications that enhance productivity and reduce costs Improved reliability and resilience is an integral part of the network design - software upgrades can be conducted in-service - for fewer planned and unplanned network outages Reduced network complexity allows for simplified network management and comprehensive reporting It is modular in design and highly scalable so it can be readily adapted to your changing business needs.

Are there new things my business can do with Optus Evolve? You can converge voice and data on your network and manage it more easily - enabling you and your end users to be more productive Remote and mobile workers as well as different company sites can share critical information securely and flexibly You can take advantage of more bandwidth and it is easier to upgrade as your business grows IT teams can focus on developing and implementing applications that improve business productivity, rather than running the network.

How can Optus Evolve help me to reduce costs? How can Optus Evolve help me to reduce risk in my business? How do I access the ecare portal?

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Optus Wireless IP VPN provides secure connectivity from a mobile device to your private IP data network through the Optus mobile network. As an IP based mobile data service, Optus Wireless IP VPN can be deployed to deliver either remote connectivity for your workforce or remote machine-to machine business solutions. Optus Evolve IP VPN creates a private wide area network (WAN) for your organisation over the Optus Evolve MPLS network. Unlike point-to-point leased line private networks, Optus Evolve IP VPN provides dedicated any-to-any or hub-and-spoke connectivity to all your corporate sites. Having spoken with Optus Sales serveral times, (the last call resulted in me being transfered to Optus Technical Support), I have still been unable to get a definitive answer as to whether (or not) I will be able to make a VPN connection to my work Server whilst using the Optus Cable service and the supplied Netgear CG router.