Difference Between RDP and Terminal Services

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Terminal services is initiated using the Remote Desktop Connection client that is packaged with every version of Windows since XP. Source Microsoft Remote Desktop. Microsoft KB article , revision 2. This page is a comparison of remote desktop software available for various platforms. Generally, using the two together is actually a better idea if you plan to use RDP, because of the increased security VPN offers. Local screen is locked when remote user connects and local user can not view remote user's activities.

Configuring the remote PC

Comparison of remote desktop software

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Jan 30,  · Can anyone explain the pros and cons of using the VMWare Virtual Machine Console to connect to a virtual machine as opposed to . Oct 23,  · Home > Windows > Microsoft Remote Desktop Services. RDP Vs. Team Viewer & Port Forwarding Needs. by General Wild on Oct 23, at UTC. Microsoft Remote Desktop Services. Networking. Cisco. 8. Next: Remote Desktop delegated credentials work with RDP client but not for remoteapp. Get answers from . The goal of VNC and RDP protocols is to provide graphical access to remote computer display desktop as well as to keyboard and mouse.